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My Five Favourite Personal Development Blogs at the Moment

Priscilla Palmer has started a meme where I was tagged.

The point of the meme is to list your top five personal development bloggers/blogs.

Priscilla is compiling the results into a Master List of Personal Development Blogs.

The five bloggers/blogs Priscilla listed was:

Aaron Potts at Today is That Day

David Rogers at How to Have Great Self Confidence

Henrik Edberg at The Positivity Blog

Karen Lynch at Live The Power

Lyman Reed at Creating a Better Life

Quite a few months back I listed The Personal Development Blogs I Really Like. Some of the blogs I listed back then are in my current top five. Some are new. My favourites at the moment are:

Scott H Young at Scott H Young – A wonderful blog with a new and improved design. One recent and outstanding post is What do you want to do with your life?.

Tim Ferriss at 4-Hour Workweek and Lifestyle Design BlogTim wrote the excellent and ridiculously popular 4-Hour Workweek. He now blogs about improving your life and lifestyle experiments. Often quite original posts with a good bit of value to them, like this recent interview: Networking Tips from the White House.

Scott Adams at The Dilbert BlogAn immensely popular blog – with like 400 comments for each post – about life, humour and comics by Scott Adams, creator of the cubicle-comic Dilbert. Scott has a very sharp pen and is – not so unexpectedly – actually consistently funny in writing. A valuable blog if you want to learn more about humour – a not so often talked about but important topic when it comes to self improvement – and read sensible thoughts about all kind of things.

Brian Clark at CopybloggerOn how to become more influential and persuasive in your blogging. The principles and insights Brian and his co-bloggers share can be translated to just about any part of life.

Gretchen Rubin at Happiness ProjectA very well-written blog with a light tone. Reading Gretchen’s blog in the morning always puts me into a happier mood.

And that’s it. Have a fun weekend!

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