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Would you like more in-depth information and practical step-by-step systems to guide you to truly make the changes you want to make in your life?

Then read on to learn about my premium courses.

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The Self-Esteem Course

This 12-week course is my most popular course.

In it you’ll learn how to:

  • Deep down feel like you truly trust yourself to be able to handle life and making the important decisions and that you deserve to have and to get more good and awesome things in your life.
  • Finally lay off and overcome your own most self-critical and most self-esteem damaging thought habits such as perfectionism and comparing yourself to others.
  • Learn to handle mistakes, failure and criticism in healthy way that preserves your self-esteem.

Plus a whole lot more. The course includes one written guide, one audio version of that guide and one worksheet for each of the 12 weeks.

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The Smart Social Skills Course

In this step-by-step, 12-week course you will, for example, learn how to:

  • Feel like you truly trust yourself socially to be able to handle and be successful in meetings, job interviews, dates and all kinds of social situations.
  • Understand and adopt the giving and positive attitude that makes any relationship or conversation better and more rewarding.
  • Overcome shyness and social nervousness so that you can have the inner freedom to create the social life you want.
  • Be calmly confident in any kind of social situation.

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The Unstress Course

In my latest course we spend 10 weeks on reducing and minimizing the stress in your life by exploring and implementing smarter and healthier habits and routines for work, school and your personal life.

You’ll for example learn how to:

  • Start your workday with a morning routine that only takes a couple of minutes but will reduce stressful distractions and situations greatly so that you can focus 100% on what you want and need to get done.
  • Deal with one of my biggest stress factors in the past: financial stress. I’ll show you 6 habits and strategies that have really helped me out with that and helps me to this day to keep stress about money to a minimum.
  • Stop being stuck in the same old rut of stress and feeling like you don’t have enough time and energy for what matters to you. And start living a lighter, happier and healthier life where you embrace who you deep down are and what YOU want out of your life.

And plenty more.

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Stop Worrying Today

Stop Worrying Today 7 weeks focused on examining and understanding your own worry and replacing it with better and more helpful daily and weekly routines and habits.

You’ll for instance learn how to:

  • Understand the 5 basic reasons for worrying. So you can understand yourself better and where you need put your attention.
  • Use the same small, 3-step method I use to put a stop to a worry in about 2 minutes so that I can relax and fully put my focus and energy into what I want.
  • Start your day with a morning routine that only takes a few minutes and will get you off to a day of less worries popping up in the first place.
  • Work through and overcome persistent worries by using a step-by-step exercise that will help you to finally see the situation and what you can do about it with clear eyes.

And much more.

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Stop Procrastinating Now

We’ll spend 10 weeks on overcoming procrastination and replacing it with smarter, better and healthier habits.

You’ll for instance learn how to:

  • Understand the 7 basic reasons for procrastination. So you can understand yourself better and where you need put your attention.
  • Find the crucial balance between doing fully focused work and having plenty of guilt-free rest and play.
  • Setup your daily work environment in just a few minutes to keep the distractions to a minimum and your focus sharp.
  • Stop doing busy work and wasting so much of your time and life.And start getting what will give you the biggest results done each day.
  • Overcome the 4 fundamental fears that drive us to procrastination step-by-step. So you can take action on what you deep down want and not be held back any longer.

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31 Days to a Simpler Life Course

31 Days to a Simpler Life is designed to make you think about how you live your life.

But more importantly, it’s designed to make you DO things. To do one task each day for 31 days to simplify your life step by step.

This course will teach you techniques and tips that make it easier to simplify your life. At the end of the course you’ll have more knowledge and ideas about how to live a simpler life. But you will also have achieved small and big victories.

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The Invincible Summer – a Course in Optimism

In this this 8-week course you will learn this how to:

  • Keep your enthusiasm up and to keep going despite setbacks, mistakes and failures.
  • Build an environment of optimism around you that will open up your life and mind.
  • Become a person of consistent and persistent daily action.
  • Turn the criticism and self-doubt that we all struggle with at times around into something better.

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The Art of Relaxed ProductivityThe Art of Relaxed Productivity

Are you tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed at work, in school or in life in general and drained of energy at the end of every day or week?

Then the The Art of Relaxed Productivity is for you. It is for you that want to:

  • Get more of the most important things done so that you can move up in your career.
  • Get better grades in school.
  • Grow your own business.
  • Find more time for a higher quality personal life and social life and for renewal of yourself.

In The Art of Relaxed Productivity I share how I have been able to triple my productivity and effectiveness over the last few years. And how I at the same time have become more relaxed and learned how to better renew myself and my energy and minimize stress.

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