How to Start a Blog That Matters Review

Since I have a popular website and I am doing this full-time I get emails every week from people who want to start a blog and wonder what advice I would give them.

Or they have started one a little while back and want to know what they can do to take their blog to the next level and to get it a big audience.

I have gone through many products on blogging and making money online over the past 7 years or so.

And the best and most practical blogging course that I have found so far for beginners or for people that launched their blog a little while ago is one by a guy called Corbett Barr.

He is the creator of two blogs called Think Traffic and Expert Enough (two sites with a combined number of monthly visitors of 200,000+).

And his course is called How to Start a Blog That Matters. It is not only very helpful but also very popular.

Over 3000 people have joined the course since early 2012.

Now, why do I think the course is so helpful?

Here are six important reasons:

1. It is very action-oriented.

This 13-week course is built similarly to my own courses on social skills and self-esteem. Each week you get one small area to focus on where you learn a bit and then you just follow a few action-steps to put what you have learned into practice to build or improve your blog.

This structure makes it easy to start taking action this very week. Instead of getting lost in procrastination or information overload.

2. It is about creating a website that matters.

Not just another me-too site but something that is a unique expression of you and your gifts, passions and strengths.

It is about creating a blog that you for example can use to build a business, to launch a movement that you are passionate about or a writing career or to land your dream job.

3. The strong focus on creating outstanding content.

Instead of on getting a gazillion Twitter followers or other less important social media strategies.

4. Truly useful information from someone with real experience.

The course contains a mix of practical tips and website and service suggestions for all your needs as you set up or level up your blog together with Corbett’s own personal experience with what to do and focus on and what to avoid and the common pitfalls.

5. First-rate bloggers involved.

Corbett Barr has created one of my top 3 favorite sites on blogging today and learning from him is just a smart thing to do. But he has also gathered wisdom and practical lessons from some of the most successful bloggers out there such as Leo Babauta and Danielle LaPorte.

6. Real-world results.

Corbett has used the formula in this course to help bloggers that I follow – maybe you do too – like Scott Dinsmore (Live Your Legend) and Adam Baker (Man vs. Debt) to grow blogs that attract from 10,000 to 100,000+ visitors per month.

Here’s what you get in the course:

  • 13 weekly lessons + action-plans.
  • Over 8 hours of video.
  • Answers to the most common questions from the first 800 people that joined the course.
  • Discounted webhosting.
  • 4 bonus videos. Including a 50 minute interview with Leo Babauta from zenhabits on how to start a popular blog and a case study on how Scott Dinsmore followed the course and created and grew his blog to 10,000 subscribers in 6 months.
  • A 60 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

Plus a whole lot more for just 1 dollar for the first month (updated November 2013)

The How to Start a Blog that Matters Course is now a part of of ThinkTraffic’s and Corbett Barr’s Fizzle Membership Program.

This means that you will get access not only to this course but a whole lot of other material like:

  • More than 40 additional hours of video training.
  • Live weekly coaching sessions.
  • Founder Stories session where successful bloggers like Pat Flynn (, Steve Kamb (of and Natalie Sisson (of tell their stories of how they built their own profitable businesses and what they learned along the way.
  • A membership to the Fizzle Community Forums where you can ask questions, share your progress, get help and ask for critiques etc.

And the first month of of the Fizzle Membership is only 1 dollar. So you can check it out for yourself at practically no cost at all.

Click here to learn more and to get started with How to Start a Blog That Matters and Fizzle for just 1 dollar

P.S: The link above is an affiliate link. But I only recommend a few products that I have found to be incredibly useful.

And I think that How to Start a Blog That Matters is the best product I have found so far for people who want to take their new blog to the next level or build one from scratch starting today.