Why do I blog?

Well, I guess the most important reason is simply that I like to tell people about stuff I find interesting.

And I find the personal development and growth to be a very fascinating topic. And a very useful one for everyone.

So, I get even more motivated to talk about it.

Some other reasons – a few of them I discovered after I started blogging – are that I like writing. And I like designing websites. And, I´ve discovered, I really like a lot about the whole blogging business:

  • The easy-to-use tools (WordPress, Feedburner, Sitemeter and all that Google stuff).
  • Reading about all the new things that pop up every week in the blogosphere.
  • Figuring out new ways to optimize not only the content of the blog but also the functionality, form and integration with rest of the Interweb.
  • Finding all these interesting new people and their blogs and thoughts about all kinds of things.
  • The wonderful feedback from readers and other bloggers.
  • Being able to give value to others and help them grow through useful and practical advice. And also accelerating my own personal growth rate by thinking and writing about these things.

At the very end of the last century, I created and maintained a couple of websites – some pretty popular ones about Bruce Springsteen and New Order – but I have to say that things are much more interesting today than it was back the then. And much easier and more user-friendly for a non-tech guy like myself.

More upsides to blogging

I´ve got a degree in journalism and have just left school. In the near future I´ll will probably make a living by writing and/or editing newspapers and magazines.

And I think I get a few advantages by blogging.

I get to develop my writing skills (and my English skills). I get to develop my designing skills. I get a lot of knowledge about the online world and about new technology for readers and publishers. All of this I think could be useful in the next 5-10 years as the newspaper-business will change even more and move further from the dead trees-based model.

So, I think blogging and my day-job will be a bit intertwined and will help further each other. And help me improve my life in all sorts of ways (some I probably can´t even imagine right now).

I´d like to thank to John Wesley at Pick the Brain for tagging me with this meme.

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  • You certainly are developing your writing skills. And your authenticity shines through. Reading your posts I not only learn new things, I get a sense of who you are.

  • Thank you very much, Kare. You made my day. :)

  • equ

    I like your blog and I really appreciate that you’re sharing your thougts, ideas and advices about personal development with us;]
    Keep Going :)

    BTW – it would be nice if you would change background of your blog, beacuse it is the same color as blog of Steve Pavilna and a little dose of visual diversity would be wellcome…

  • equ: Thanks a lot for you kind comment. And I´m always looking for ways to optimize the blog so a color-change and even a larger theme-change could happen.

  • I also think you like to interact with people on this domain.Personal Development.

  • Mihai: That´s true. I like hearing what people think about the articles, the blog and life in general and talking to them and here and via email.

  • Hi Henrick,

    I think the number one reason I blog is the community. With that comes the learning and the growth experiences. We all help each other grow. My teaching and helping other, you grow yourself. And so we all grow together…
    Great post!


  • Mary

    Thank you for your articles a lot. They have really helped me many times when I was feeling blue. Keep up the good work. God Bless You!