The Personal Development Blogs I really like

After about four months of blogging I find it appropriate to type down a couple of words about the personal development blogs I appreciate.

Why? Because it´s fun and it´s win-win-win.

The bloggers may read this and feel appreciated. You, the reader, may find new and exciting blogs.

And me, well I get to enjoy the wonderful feeling that comes whenever you appreciate something or someone. :)

So, lets get started.

  • Steve Pavlina – a ridiculously good blog with ton or two of (sometimes really) in-depth articles. Besides Eckhart Tolle no other author has helped me as much in my own personal development as Steve Pavlina. I especially appreciate Steve´s more recent articles that seems to focus more on spirituality and what may seem to be more abstract stuff compared to much of the earlier posts that often focused on productivity. Still trying to wrap my head fully around Subjective Reality though. :)

Some of my favourite posts from Steve´s blog are:
How to build a High-traffic website (or blog)
The Polyphasic Sleep series
14 reasons to become more conscious
The meaning of life series
And the various posts on Subjective Reality such as this Q&A.

Steve and Erin also does podcasts (and got wonderful podcast voices). Some of my favourites are How to make money without a job, Beyond religion and The true nature of reality.

A new part of the Pavlina websites is The personal development for smart people forum. Of course it´s not really a blog but at the moment it´s my favourite personal growth place online.

  • Scott H Young – I wish I had been this clever when I was 18 years old. A wonderful personal development blog (with a large archive) often focused on goals and achievement. Updated several times a week with in-depth articles.

  • Ririan Project – The third (after the two above) and last personal development blog where I read pretty much every post. Ririan focuses on a variety of different personal growth topics. Often in the form of excellent, concise and no-nonsense lists such as Ten commandments for living a bold life. Ririan also has the good habit of using appropriate images in every post. Kind of refreshing since most personal development blogs (including this one) mainly consists of a whole lot of words, words and more words.

  • Lifehack – An big, big blog mainly focused on productivity and getting things done. Features several posts a day, many containing links and summaries to great tips elsewhere on hacking and improving your life. One of my favourite posts is 9 tips that lead to happiness. Good stuff.

  • The Happiness Project – Author Gretchen Rubin´s blog on happiness. Later to be released as a memoir about the year Gretchen spent test-driving principles and methods to increase happiness. I like her 12 commandments, especially numbers 2, 3 and 9:

1. Be Gretchen.
2. Let it go.
3. Act as I would feel.
4. Do it now.
5. Be polite and be fair.
6. Enjoy the process.
7. Spend out.
8. Identify the problem.
9. Lighten up.
10. Do what ought to be done.
11. No calculation.
12. There is only love.

  • Mind Changing Hypnosis – A blog mainly focused on hypnosis. Although I haven´t tried much hypnosis yet (apart from the mp3 I wrote about here) I find it all to be quite fascinating.

  • Problogger – Has helped me immensely as a curious but pretty clueless blogger. Darren Rowse´s blog is one of my absolute favourites and the one to bookmark if you want to become a better blogger. I recommend starting with the 35-part series Blogging for Beginners.

  • Copyblogger – The other blog on blogging that I just love. Since marketing is a rather big part if you want to attract a larger audience for your blog I personally find Copyblogger to be almost indispensable. It´s also a very, very concise blog where posts are never longer than necessary. I very much appreciate that. :)

And that´s about it. These are the blogs I used to visit frequently. Since becoming a bit more web-savvy I now read them using a RSS-reader (I like FeedDemon). Check them out and let me and the bloggers know what you think. And be sure tell us about your own favourite personal development blogs.

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  • Susan Jackson

    What a great list Henrik!

    You have listed a number of my favourites here.

    Darren Rowse over at Problogger is my favourite blog.

    Two of my other favourites on personal development are:

    Laura Young – The Dragon Slayer’s Guide to Life at and a relatively new blog which I found recently, Craig Harper – ‘Renovate Your life’ at

    Like your blog, they have a great way of delivering their message in a simple and unique style.

    Thanks for putting together this fantastic collection.

  • thanks for your encouraging words and for including me in the list.

  • Thanks!

    I knew the first three, but the rest are new for me. Gonna check ’em out.

  • Great list, but Steve lost his mind with his Subjective Reality thingie … That theory isn’t consistent at all.

  • Thanks Henrik,

    This is great list and I am grateful to included. You’ve got a great blog going here.

    Nobody has lost thier mind. It is a really old idea going back to Plato. It is called solipsisim. Look it up on Wikipedia. Anyway, I’ve found it fun to think about. I just did a post about it to. Steve even said in his podcast he wasn’t trying to convince you to believe in subjective reality, but to simply consider the possibility. Entire cultures have believed in subjective reality, and you know what, we can’t empiricaly prove they are wrong, we can only choose to believe they are wrong. Don’t you find that interesting? Anyway, it’s philosophy stuff.

  • Al and Susan Jackson: Thank you for your kind words and the blog-tips. I´ll check them out and am glad I could help find some new blogs.

    Darren: thanks, and thanks for all your hard work (I´m amazed at the amount of quality entries you just seem to pour out).

    Daldianus and Steve Olsen: Thanks a lot. And have to say that I agree with Steve and find this Subjective Reality thing to be pretty damn interesting. Although I haven´t tried it that much I find it to be more empowering and appealing than Objective Reality and will try to delve into it deeper and use it during 2007.

  • Henrik, I have recently found your blog and have been enjoying it so much that I have linked it to my new blog ( While the subject may seem negative for your blog, there are more similarities between our blogs that I would have originally expected. Both are focused on life improvements we are just starting at different places. Please consider adding my site to your blogroll.

    Also, if you have not yet heard it, check out the January 24 David Allen interview podcast on “15 Minute Advantage” which is linked from my blog.

  • Henrik

    Re-Stumbled upon this blog and I am glad I did, some great content on here. Loved the list of your blogs and i would go along with most of them.

    Daldianus: why do you say Steve Pavlina lost it with the “subjective reality thingy”?

  • Hello, and thanks so much for the kind words about my blog! I’ve been an admirer of this blog for a long time, so it was a lot of fun to get a mention. And while I know some of the other blogs listed, I don’t know them all — look forward to spending some time exploring your recommendations. Be happy, Gretchen

  • Henrik,

    Thanks for the post. This is a great list!

  • Thanks, Eric. I´m glad you enjoyed it.

  • Great list. I have most of these blog feeds already, but not all of them. I recently had to get rid of a boatload of feeds because it was getting too time consuming to keep up with. I choice the best and all of the ones on your list I kept. Thanks for the resource.

  • You´ve got good taste, Alex :)

    I also had to remove a lot of feeds. I realised after a while that I didn´t have the time or the interest to read half of the them.

  • Wow, I’ve just discovered the world of blogging in the last few months after stumbling across Steve Pavlina’s site. As a writer, I can’t believe I’d never thought of writing online before… but now my site is up and running and I’m getting out there and seeing what else there is.
    This article is GREAT because it instantly gives me a concise list of sites to read… I’m a glutton for personal development, and love reading how other people are attacking their lives.
    Keep it coming!
    Much joy,
    be conscious now

  • Kara-Leah: Thanks for you kind comment and I´m glad to have helped you find some good stuff.