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My Brand New Website: The Art of Simple Blogging

For close to 7 years I have been writing about personal development on The Positivity Blog. But I have rarely written about the other part of what I do.

The part where I am running a popular website and a small online business full-time.

I have often thought about writing more about what I have learned about it. The mistakes I have made. The lessons I have learned.

But those things haven’t really seemed to fit into the personal development topics that I usually write about that often.

So a while back I decided to share what I have what I have learned about all of this over these years on a new website.

It is called The Art of Simple Blogging.

And the content will – just like the newsletter where I write about personal development – mostly consist of shorter emails and posts that you can take action on to make your own improvements in your online business and your blog or website. My aim for now is to send out 3-4 such emails/posts per month.

Now, the Art of Simple Blogging will not be about a lot of technical stuff (since I am not a very technical person).

And it will not be about earning a lot of money quickly online (because it is not something I have experience with).

But it will be about how you can grow your own online business step by step and start earning an extra side-income. And perhaps later on be able to support yourself fully from your small business.

Or you can simply use the tips and strategies that I’ll share to spread your passion and message to a wider and more engaged audience.

The first email and post will go out in three days, on Thursday the 8:th of August.

But you can sign up for free email updates on the site starting today.

Click here to visit the website and to sign up for the free email updates from The Art of Simple Blogging



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