Coming Soon: The Art of Relaxed Productivity

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A few of the most common questions I get are related to:

  • Stress and getting stuck in worrying about work or school even when you are supposed to relax.
  • Not being able to get the most important things done and having a problem with procrastination.
  • A lack of motivation or self-discipline.

When I zoom out and not just look at what you are telling me I see and hear this in the world around me too. People are feeling a lot of stress at work or in school and want a simple and clear system that will help them to minimize stress and procrastination and to help them get the results they want.

Almost every week I read an article in the newspapers about the pressure at work or in school nowadays and how people want to have more uninterrupted free time to use as they wish.

This is obviously a very common and big problem that can have consequences for both our health and wellbeing and the results we get in our careers or on the next exam.

So I am currently working on my next book  – an ebook in PDF-format with additional audio bonuses – that will address these challenges. In the Art of Relaxed Productivity I will share:

  • The very simple system of a few habits I use get the most important things done every day with a minimum of stress.
  • An awesome guide on how to increase your motivation and what to do to get through motivational slumps.
  • How to keep procrastination to a minimum, install new habits, become a more decisive person and increase your self-discipline and ability to focus.

And a lot more…

I am really excited to share all of this because I know there is a real urgent need for it and because the concise information in this book works so well for me in my daily life and have made 2010 my most productive and effective year by far so far in life. And I really think that this could work just as well in your life too.

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  • Lilian

    Are you going to post free articles related to relaxed productivity?

    • I’ll write about it on the new email list and may write posts here about parts of it in the future too.

  • Hi Henrik!
    We’ll be waiting for your book then ;)

  • AP

    Hi Henrik…

    Love your blog and the articles/e-Books – they rock! I’ve not been able to get access to or download your e-book “The 7 Timeless Habis of Happiness.” Can you help me out please?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Augustine Francis Ignatius

    It’s Excellent.

  • I fully agree that flat-out. no-breaks working is a recipe for disaster and that periods of focused work alternated with periods of chill and reflection are the optimal way to function effectively. Unfortunately such patterns, although reflecting our biological preferences, are not catered for effectively in corporate life.

    At Watt Works Consulting in the UK we run brief courses teaching exactly these sorts of skills and hope to be part of the evolution of their frequent application in the workplace.


  • Only 3 more days ;)