The 4-Hour Workweek

Nowadays, I have found that I rarely get too excited about a new book.

But for the last few days I´ve been reading and listening to quite a bit about a guy named Tim Ferriss and his first – and quite hyped – book The 4-Hour Workweek.

I like Ferriss because he seems to have a very direct, no-nonsense style with very practical advice. He also likes some of the same ideas that I do like decluttering and cutting away a lot of unnecessary stuff from your life and prioritizing using methods like the Pareto Principle.

Also, his idea about working just 4 hours each week and filling the rest of your life with a lot of excitement is of course pretty attractive. And, at least to me, pretty original too.

Some links I´ve been browsing and listening to while waiting for the book to hit the bookstores here in Sweden are:

– Darren Rowse´s – at – two-part interview with Tim.

– This long and pretty informative review from David Seah.

Tim´s own blog that details a few of his experiments in lifestyle design.

– And I´m following John Wesley’s 30-day challenge with the workout regiment that helped Tim gain 34 pounds of muscle in just 4 weeks.

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  • Great post! Wow 4 hours a week, not sure if I could do that but I am willing to try! :-D


  • Now here is a concept that needs to be more fully explored. It isn’t just our workplace where we have our time misused, its every part of our life. It has been ingrained into our culture that life is difficult and its all bullcrap.
    The theme of my blog is ‘Life is meant to be fun, easy and over-flowing with abundance’ We need more of you smart people exploring the possibilties….

    Truthteller site

  • Thanks Greg!

    Eduardo: I agree, our time is often misused in so many areas of life.