63 Friday Blessings for a Happy Day and Weekend

Friday Blessings for a Great and Happy Day and Weekend

It’s Friday.

The last day of your workweek and the weekend is coming up very soon.

So to help you with that final push before the work is done and also get your weekend started on the right foot I’d like to share the best Friday blessings & quotes in today’s post.

I hope you’ll find something here to add energy and positivity to your life and renew your motivation.

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How to Deal with Disappointment: 12 Helpful Steps

How to Deal with Disappointment

When you get disappointed then it can hurt. Sometimes a bit. Sometimes a lot.

It can drag you down into a negative funk for days or even weeks.

But if you learn how to deal with that disappointment in a healthier and more helpful way then it can be less a lot less scary and painful and actually a springboard or learning experience for further personal growth.

That’s at least been my experience in the past decade.

And in this post I’d like to share 12 steps, tips and habits that I’ve learned over the years and that help me to both handle disappointment and to reduce the situations where I get disappointed in the first place.

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Monday Blessings for a Positive and Motivated Start to Your Week

Monday has arrived.

A new week is upon us. Maybe you're ready to go. Or perhaps a bit unmotivated and tired right now.

Either way, today's post contains the most powerful Monday blessings and quotes to help you to get a motivated, positive and great start to your week.

I hope this post will help you to focus, renew your energy and rekindle an optimistic outlook for the next 7 days and beyond.

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89 Sunday Blessings for a Positive and Happy Day

Sunday Blessings for a Positive and Happy Day

It’s Sunday.

A day for rest, for renewal and for having fun with family and friends.

So in today’s post I’d like to share the most inspiring and powerful Sunday blessings.

To get you off to a positive start this morning and help you make this wonderful day into a happy Sunday. And then, make next week into something great.

I hope you’ll find something uplifting and motivating here.

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40 Saturday Blessings for an Inspiring and Positive Day

Saturday Blessings for an Inspiring and Positive Day

Saturday is here.

A day for relaxation. For hanging out with family and friends.

And maybe a day to get going with that project you’ve been thinking about during the workweek.

In this post I’d like to inspire you to take action on all that by sharing the best Saturday blessings and quotes.

I hope you’ll find a few uplifting and motivating ideas here to apply to your life this weekend and next week.

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How to Overcome Nervousness: 7 Simple Habits

How to Overcome Nervousness

“Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.”
Benjamin Franklin

“If I don't train enough, of course I'm nervous.“
Haile Gebrselassie

It starts with just a little tremble within. Then a pressure builds up.

A hand or foot starts to fidget. Your palms become moist and you start to feel not quite like yourself anymore.

The inner calmness you felt has flown out the window.

Nervousness is back, like an old friend you didn’t want to see.

Just in time for that date you had been looking forward to for the past week. Or the important meeting at work or your presentation in school.

So what can you do at this point?

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