My Favourite Firefox Add-on to Increase Productivity (what’s yours?)

My Favourite Firefox Add-on to Increase Productivity (what’s yours?)
Image by Ahmed Rabea (license).

I don’t write a lot about applications/programs that can help you become more productive. I’m not really that much of a tech geek and loads of people know tons more about this than I do.

But one small program that I like immensely and that is a part of my daily routine is the Morning Coffee add-on for Firefox. It allows you to add your favourite websites and then when you press a button – located beside the Home button – in your browser all those websites open up in tabs.

Three reasons why I like Morning Coffee:

  • Makes it easier to be disciplined. One big problem with being productive is all those interruptions. You work and then you think “oh, I wonder if something has happened in my in-box/on Facebook/on my blog”. And then you lose focus and spend 30 minutes just surfing around aimlessly. With this add-on you can add all those email/blog/social media websites and make a habit of just checking them via you Morning Coffee button. Perhaps once in the morning and once at night. Instead of running around online 10 times a day and getting stuck in procrastination.
  • Makes it easier to remember. One of the more difficult parts of having a routine – especially when you are trying to establish your routine during the first month or so – is to actually remember to do whatever you want to do each day. One way to help yourself out is to use written reminders. The Morning Coffee add-on helps me remember all the websites in my daily online routine.
  • Speeds things up. I personally find that I become more effective when I open up all those tabs and then work through them one after another rather than visiting the sites one after another during the day. By batching online tasks such as voting on social media websites, moderating comments on my blog and replying to messages in various in-boxes things get handled quicker.

Now, what is your favourite Firefox add-on to increase your personal productivity or just to make life easier?

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  • Thanks for sharing this, I hadn’t heard of that but I’ll definitely check it out



  • For very similar reasons, I like Tab Groups a lot. It’s still in beta, but it allows me to have two levels of tabs. One Level says: SidSavara.ccom, RSS, Authority Blogger, etc

    Under then, I have my sitemap and Wordpress write page open

    Under RSS, Google Reader, my delicious someday bookmarks, and pages I am currently reading

    Allows me to stop any task midway and switch over to whatever is the next things that needs to be worked on =)

    PS – your RSS feed is forwarding me to the wrong url via Feedburner, I get a 404. Had to go back to home page to come to this post.

  • Thanks for the comments and sharing, guys!

    The RSS problem was just temporary, Sid. Should be working now, but thanks for letting me know.

  • If you don’t want to install another add-on, an easy alternative is to create a folder on your bookmarks toolbar containing a bookmark for every site you want to open. Then, click the toolbar folder, and select “Open All in Tabs” at the bottom.


  • Great add-on. I usually don’t drink coffee but I will make an exception ;-)

  • Thanks for the suggestion, I am adding it on right now, if I don’t have note up to remind myself, I will not even check emails, so this will be a welcomed addition to my daily routine.


  • Cooliris is a fantastic way to search for images or find that one facebook picture quickly — without having to digg through page after page. It loads all of the pictures within a few pages of your current location and lets you slide through them. It’s brilliant, really.

  • My “morning coffee” addon is my feed reader. The coffee-time is the time to read the most important blogs – including yours. (Or in the current case it’s my goodnight tale) ;-)

  • I really like this idea – just added it on now.
    One of my favourites is: Colourful Tabs add on. Check it out :-)

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