My Favorite Blog So Far in 2009

My Favorite Blog So Far in 2009
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So far this year I have been quite focused on fitness and getting into even better shape.

I don’t really write much about other blogs or give linktips here on the blog (that is handled on Twitter) but I’d like to make an exception today.

One blog that has really helped me out and changed how I view fitness quite a bit is Fitness Black Book. Instead of getting really huge a la Arnie Fitness Black Book is all about getting lean and toned.

What I like about this blog is that it’s relaxed but also uses a no-nonsense approach. The guy who owns the blog, Rusty Moore, seems to be a pretty normal guy with a well-balanced life. He writes about the upsides of having a few beers and traveling instead of living in the gym. Plus, he’s pretty funny at times.

Besides having had an impact on how I view training through many of his articles he has also introduced me to two things that I love about exercising about right now:

  • Turbulence Training. Through Rusty I discover this exercise program by Craig Ballantyne that focuses on quick and intense workouts. I have been using it for a while now and my energy has really gone up. The best thing for me about this program is the bodyweight circuits. Instead of going out running intervals or getting bored on an exercise bik, I can get really quick and intense cardio workouts right here at home while using little to no equipment. Awesome!

Pretty much all the articles on Fitness Black Book are interesting, simple and helpful in a practical way. And reading one or a few of them is a good way to get motivated on a tough or uninspired day.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Check them out, I’m sure you’ll find something helpful there.

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  • Thanks for sharing this! It comes at the right time, as I’m just about to start a new fitness plan.

  • Henrik,

    Thanks for the great remark about my blog! I started it a little less than 2 years ago, because I didn’t like the “vibe” of most of the fitness sites. They just seemed to have too much flexing and spandex for my liking. Kind of like a bad 80’s film.

    I was hoping to let people know that you don’t have to be a cheesy meat-head to get is shape…and you should have tons of other interests outside of working out.

    I’m pretty much pushing the look of the guys and girls you see in “Bond” movies…slim and toned with a “hip” style. A body that looks great in and out of clothes. Creating a “nice body” not a “gym body”…BIG difference in my opinion.

    The bodybuilding guys and girls aren’t a big fan of my site, but now that I’m getting 5,000 visitors-per-day to my site I’m not too worried.

    You have a great thing going here as well!


  • Yep, Rusty’s blog is great!

    And I hope I can keep cranking out content you enjoy.


  • Thank you for the site

    I more concentrated to achieve my fitness goal starting from next month yep , I can also say it come on time ;)

    Best Regards,
    Saidely M. / Iraq

  • @ Yes, But Still…: Glad to to hear that it was good timing for you, always fun when that happens.

    @ Rusty: Thanks for the kind words and for the bit of an explanation about your site. I’m not surprised you get that many visitors, I think a lot of people are interested in that look and your mindset.

    @ craig: Thanks for the comment and keep up the great work, it’s been really helpful for me.

    @ Saidely: Awesome!

    @ tannage: That sounds like a great way to get in shape and have a lot of fun doing it, thanks for sharing.