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Link Karma – 31 March 2007

Link Karma is a section of The Positivity Blog where I list some good reading I´ve stumbled upon during the last few days (or weeks, depending on how much browsing and reading I do).

If you have a tip about something great you read, send an email to henrik at positivityblog.com.

Thanks and enjoy this batch of articles!

  • Steve Pavlina has continued his fascinating series on the Law of Attraction, polarizing and lightworkers/darkworkers. I especially liked his take on darkworkers in For the Love of Evil which moves the darkworker away from the bad and evil label that one might easily associate it with.
  • Steve Olson wrote, as usual, a well worth reading and personal post about drunk driving. There is also a good discussion on the topic in the comments section below the article.
  • This is pretty cool: 10 Emerging Technologies 2007. The list includes such things as non-healing and augmented reality. It´ll be interesting to see how big these things will be at the end of this year.
  • Scott H Young blogged about some pretty interesting things. In his post How to Ace Your Finals Without Studying he explains holistic learning (and expands upon it in this post). Holistic learning is something I think many of us have done in some subjects in school and definitely something I have done as I have started to study the different fields of personal development.
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  • Leo

    Thanks for the link … and I’m glad you like the new look for Zen Habits. Btw, I’m a subscriber to The Positivity Blog – keep up the great work!

  • Hope that you are having a good Sunday Henrik !

  • Leo: Thank you and keep up your great work too.

    Annie: Thanks and Yep, it´s been a pretty good Sunday. And the weather is really wonderful here in Sweden right now, sunny and warm.

  • Thanks for the great links Henrik. I especially liked the one about Emerging Technologies.

  • I have an interesting site and would love to be featured here. Check out my site and let me know what you think. Make it a great day!