How to Learn More by Studying Less and Smarter

One common question people email me about is how to manage school. They want to know how to get excellent grades, manage stress and procrastination and find more time for other things than just studying.

I have some answers for how to handle stress better and for becoming more productive in general. But as for becoming a more effective student that gets better grades and have smarter study habits I like to refer to other people.

One such person that I have referred many students to over the past few years is Scott Young. We started blogging around the same time in 2006 and I have read almost every article he has published since then.

The learning habits of a high-achieving student

When Scott was studying full-time at the University of Manitoba in Canada he maintained an A average in his classes, wrote 7000 words per week for his blog, exercised and ran a local Toastermasters Club. And still had time to spend with friends, to party and enjoy his weekends.

Last year he completed what he called the MIT Challenge. His goal was to learn the entire 4-year MIT curriculum for computer science, without taking any classes in just 12 months. He finished this massive challenge a few days earlier than expected and then went on to give a TEDx talk about his experience.

How did he do it?

That's what Scott shares his course called Learn More, Study Less.

This course is split into two parts. The first part is about incorporating the habits Scott have used to understand better when studying. He calls this Holistic Learning and it is basically a way to learn by weaving information into webs rather than using the more common method of studying and studying and reading and reading until the information sticks.

The second part of the course is about studying less. This part is about using a simple but effective productivity and energy management system so that you can spend fewer hours studying and have less stress and more free time as a student.

5 things I found especially helpful in the Learn More, Study Less Course 

I have gone through Scott's course and think it is very helpful in a practical way for anyone who wants to learn in a smarter and more effective way. And especially if you are a student who wants better grades and less stress in school.

I found these 5 things especially helpful and valuable in the course:

  • Easy to understand explanations of effective tactics you can start using today. You'll learn how to use for example metaphors and visceralizing and a whole lot more.
  • The emphasis on a realistic balance in the productivity system. And on not getting stuck in perfectionist and ideal dreams of how much you ought to be able to handle or in the non-stop work trap.
  • The case studies. I found the six case studies to be helpful to understand how real people have used what Scott teaches to improve their grades and to study and stress less.
  • A concrete and realistic three month action plan. One of the videos in the course contains a plan so you'll know what to do and take action on to get the most out of the course during the first three months. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and getting lost in procrastination or in just reading and thinking you will take action on the advice “someday”.
  • The video part of the course. It shows that Scott has run a Toastmasters club. His presentations of the material are relaxed and easy to follow.

What you get in the Learn More, Study Less Video Course

The Learn More, Study Less Video Course contains:

  • A 228-page e-book. 
  • 6 hours of step-by-step video instructions. 
  • 6 case studies. 
  • 3 expert audio interviews on, for example, how to learn new languages and how one tutoring company owner and former student went from B's and C's to straight A+'s himself.
  • 6 worksheets.

There is also the option to sign up for The Holistic Learning Ninja Edition of the course to get access to learning forums and access to Scott for help and coaching.

To learn more about the Learn More, Study Less Course and to join click here


(Affiliate link above. I only recommend products I have found to be very helpful and that is something I think this course is, especially for the many students that read my blog and newsletter).