My Brand New Invincible Summer Course is Now Open

Today is a very sunny day here in Sweden.

So it seems appropriate that The Invincible Summer – an 8-week Course in Optimism is now open to join.

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I have worked on this course during the most of summer and fall but the work started over 10 years ago when I started to improve my own attitude and outlook on life.

In the Invincible Summer Course I have collected the very best things I have learned over these years that have helped me the most to practically make the shift from being a pessimist to becoming an practical and action-taking optimist.

Each week of the course you’ll get a written guide, a worksheet to help you gain better understanding of your own situation and results as you go through the course and an audio version of that week’s guide.

And at the end of each week’s guide you get just a few specific action-steps to take that week to minimize the risk of you feeling overwhelmed or getting lost in procrastination.

Because I want as many as possible to not only to read the information but also to take small steps forward each week to build their optimistic attitude and to take action on the opportunities and solutions that the more and more positive outlook will uncover.

In The Invincible Summer Course you’ll learn how to:

  • Keep your enthusiasm up and positivity alive and to keep going despite setbacks, mistakes and failures. And to get out of the habit of taking the too-common path in life and letting one or two such negative situations push you into quitting and going back to your old ways.
  • Open up your mind to all the big, small, wonderful and life-expanding opportunities that are out there for you.
  • Become a person of consistent and persistent daily action. Instead of procrastinating or getting lost in daydreams for the hundredth time about what you want in your life.
  • Get out of your own way and start exploring and living a happier life the way you deep down want to live it.

Plus a whole lot more.

Click here to learn more about The Invincible Summer Course and to join it


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