7 Small Ways to Make This The Happiest Summer of Your Life

7 Small Ways to Make This The Happiest Summer of Your Life

“Then followed that beautiful season… Summer… Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Summer is here in full bloom after what was, at least up here in Sweden, a long and cold winter and spring.

So this week I’d like to share 7 small and simple tips that you can use to create a happier summer – and rest of the year – for yourself.

1. Go slow.

You’ll be less stressed and you’ll enjoy all the smells, the sights and people in your summer even more.

So slow down a bit and use all your senses to tap into what is happening in this moment around you and inside of you.

2. Say yes to the new.

Go for something new. Expand your comfort zone in a small way. Or a bigger one.

Go somewhere you haven’t been before. Take up a new hobby. Read a book or try eating something or doing something that isn’t what the regular you would do.

Few things add happiness so simply as finding a new thing you enjoy or may even love does.

3. Just do nothing at all.

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that all time has to be booked up for some activity.

Humans are however not robots and so that often leads to more stress and to little of the recharging that could have helped you to keep doing quality work during the fall and winter being done.

So try doing nothing at all. Just go for a walk in the woods. Or sit by a lake or the ocean and take in your world.

Focus only on that with all your senses and let your mind and body relax and rejuvenate.

4. Be the summer you want to see.

Don’t wait for someone else to create the summer you want to have. Instead get the ball rolling yourself.

Take action and take the first small steps forward.

Arrange a party or a picnic. Set up a movie night when the summer rain is pouring outside. Take a walk or a run every warm morning to get your energy levels up.

5. Be kind in small ways.

One of the simplest ways to live a happier life is to focus on being kind.

It does rarely take much energy.

Just a simple compliment or lending a listening ear while someone vents can brighten that person’s day.

And it brings happiness to your life too as you see his or her face light up. And how you think about and behave towards others tends to spread to how you treat yourself too. More kindness towards others leads to more self-kindness.

6. Savor the summer moments right here instead of being lost in the future or past.

There will be moments this summer you won’t want to miss by being somewhere else in your head.

So decide that you will take the time and focus to savor the small moments like a melting ice-cream in the sun but also the bigger ones with the people closest to you.

7. Just accept how you feel instead of pushing it away.

Don’t fall into the trap of pushing how you deep down feel or think away with distractions or forced positive thinking.

Instead, if you have negative feelings or thoughts about something that have popped up again and again so far this year take some time for yourself or with someone close to you to think/talk about it.

Then later on, after you have accepted and processed how you truly feel and think sit down with a pen and paper.

Come up with one small step or a small plan that you can take action on to start moving yourself out the situation that is troubling you and into something better. And take action on that plan with just a first small step forward as soon as you can.


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About the Author

Henrik Edberg is the creator of the Positivity Blog and has written weekly articles here since 2006. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Gothenburg and has been featured on Lifehacker, HuffPost and Paulo Coelho’s blog. Click here to learn more…

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  • Go slow… And “don’t just do something, stand there.” :-) love it!

    Hey Henrik, I’ll visit Sweden with my brothers end of august, any recommendations?


  • Anushka

    Thanks for sharing this with us… I especially loved point no. 5……

  • Lye Chee Fai

    Hi it’s very useful and helpful for me to catch up the new idea. Thank You .

  • Ildiko Chokas

    Hello Henrik
    Thanks for the article. It is a friendly reminder that facing our personal truths and accepting who we are is important for growth and happiness.

  • nomakhaya

    i like your articles it has made me a better person, now i can stand on my own and do things on a lot right way. thanks a lot.

  • I totally agree all these tips are useful not only to make summer happier but also to make our life happier too. We should have to make a balance between our daily routine and our hobbies. Outdoor adventures, exercise, music are best to make us happy.

  • nana serwa

    l love this article

  • “Be the summer you want to see.”

    I really love this. It’s such a great mentality! So many people spend summer looking forward to one or two trips and spend the rest of the time lounging around or waiting, but every single day counts. Live every day like the summer you want to have!

  • Anonymous

    I like last point..I also want to make some changes…hope soon will make it

  • Hi Henrik, came upon your article and really appreciate your thoughts – and your blog in general. I like #6, I think that sometimes we need the reminder to live in the moment, especially on some “lazy” summer days – relaxation is just as important as go, go, going! Thanks for sharing, and keep the blogs coming!

  • I think this is a great list. Summer is so short, and goes by so fast, we need to take advantage of the moments when we can. As children, we had summer vacation, we need that as adults as well. We just had a “staycation” last week and it was one of the best weeks ever!

  • hey Henrick!I like your blog and number one mostly. walk slow to notice the good things around you! Thanks for reminding us some of this things.

  • That article was amazing, I am very much impressed with your thoughts.

  • Chris V.

    Short summers in Michigan help me to appreciate the summer season I have now. Cold weather will return before we know it.