Happiness is a Decision

Happiness is a Decision
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Note: This is a guest post by Michelle L. Casto of Brightlight Coaching

Happiness is a feeling every human being on this planet desires in their heart of hearts.  And yet most of us look for happiness in all the wrong places and end up causing ourselves more suffering. 

This is because we are looking outside of ourselves for some thing or some one to bring us that feeling.

Rumi once said, We go from room to room looking for the diamond necklace around our neck.  So it is when we search “everywhere” for happiness, we never see where it really is, which is with us all along.

I think we all would agree that Happiness does not depend on material things, such as driving a certain car or holding a prestigious title.  (although those things can add pleasure to your life).

Happiness does not depend on other people, like whether you have a significant other or not. (although having loving and supportive people around adds to your enjoyment)

Happiness does not depend on what happens, so if you stay, it will be good and if you go, it will be good. 

Happiness is not to be found anywhere in the external world. 

The main obstacle to happiness is faulty thinking. For instance thinking, someone or some thing can make you happy.  Beware also of what A Course in Miracles calls, “elusive happiness, which is happiness that changes and shifts with times and places.  ACIM says this kind of happiness is an illusion and has no meaning!”

So where does one find happiness?
Stop looking outside for what can only be found inside.
And make a decision to be happy.

Let me repeat that:

Happiness DOES depend on your decision to be happy.

So, consider this, have you ever made a conscious decision to be happy?

My guess is No.

Here is your official invitation to Be Happy!

Let’s join forces for happiness.

Repeat after me:

I, your name, decide to be happy right now, despite the weather, the world, or what happens to me.

I absolutely know it is my God-given birthright to be happy.

And as the light of God that I am, I reclaim happiness and happiness reclaims me.

So be this.

Michelle L. Casto is known as the Soul Diva Coach (Diva is sanskrit for shining light of the divine) Speaker, and Author of the Get Smart! LearningBook Series.  Her coaching practice is Brightlight Coaching, she helps people come up with bright ideas for their life and empowers them to freely shine their bright light to the world.  She loves working with women to discover their inner Goddess. Visit virtually:  getsmartseries.com or smartlifechanges.com. Call for a Complimentary Coaching session (361) 232-3939.

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  • I couldn’t agree more Henrik!

    Your question of have you made a conscious decision to be happy is all too often missed and never performed in life. I for one, have made that decision, and I know because of it, I am a very happy person!

  • Whoops, I just saw this was posted by Michelle L. Casto, and not Henrik. Thanks for sharing your article, great thoughts…

  • There’s no question happiness is a decision. If we don’t like something in our lives, it is our responsibility to change it. We are the architects of our own happiness.

  • Completely agree with this. Happiness is a decision – also a lifelong commitment.

  • At first to reach happiness requires a decision.

    But after that happiness requires no decision. It requires the absence of faulty thinking and of thinking itself.

  • Not to be anti-happiness, but I don’t think you can just be happy because you decided to, it depends on a lot of other stuff. Your environment is important. You can’t be happy that your in a load of debt. You can try to do things that makes your more happier, like be with friends you enjoy. It’s hard to choose to be happy if your depress. Not to be a downer. Just be semi-realistic. I enjoy all the helpful advice from this blog.

  • Absolutely! Deciding to be happy is the crucial first step.

    I have made a conscious decision to be happy after finding myself quite unhappy towards the end of last year. I got some counselling and read books and blogs and out of that grew my 12 Commandments of Happiness, the first of which is “Happiness is a choice”.

    A few weeks back I started writing my blog Gleeful which helps me to breathe life into this commandment – it means I actively seek out little things that make me happy, even on days that I might not feel well or if I’m feeling cranky about work. It requires me to be more mindful and enjoy the moment more.

  • Michelle – awesome post. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I like to be happy and surround myself with positivity. However, as you stated, unless I am happy with me and decide it to be so…I could be surrounded by the happiest people in the world and still be unhappy. You hit the nail on the head…we need to decide to be happy…and guess what everyone…it is ok to be happy.

    Henrik – great guest, thanks for having her write.

  • I think that happiness is definitely our choice. Sure, there are a lot of outside influences that can bring one down but it is our choice how we will react to those negative influences. We can cave in and feel miserable or we can turn away … or better yet, we can look for the good in any situation. It’s all about attitude. Here’s my favorite “happiness” story: I trudged into work one day feeling down because it was overcast and rainy outside. A co-worker came bouncing in claiming it was a lovely day. What???? I looked at her in disbelief and couldn’t resist asking her why, with dark skies above and imminent rain, she claimed it was a lovely day. She said, “Just look … there are so many beautiful shades of Grey in the sky … it’s lovely.” I’ve never since looked at Grey skies the same. She chose to be happy.


  • Although I agree that happiness is a decision I think it is not so easy just to be happy. I could try to talk me into happiness but it is like saying to myself that I am a millionaire although I am not.

    If the truth is that I do not feel happy then I must identify the reason. The reason might always or mostly be something “just” in my mind but I have to identify and remove the nod. This is the only way to get a longing happiness.

  • I truly believe that the first step to happiness is to choose to be happy. Decide to focus on the good things in life. Since I decided to choose happiness as my goal and to focus on the good things in life, I have become much happier. My happiness come from within not from external circumstances. I have found that the more I concentrate on happy thoughts the more I have to be happy about. What you focus on will definitely expand and multiply. Happiness to all!


  • I enjoyed the message, it really is about a decision-the thoughts we nurture- and from there we’ve got to locate the reasons certain people are happier than others. At least, that’s what’s worked for me . Appreciate the post :)