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Would You Like To Be a Guest Blogger?

Would You Like to Be a Guest Blogger?
Image by Paul Worthington (license).

Update July 2009: To be able to focus better on my own writing I have stopped accepting guest posts. I may however change my mind again and open up to guest bloggers sometime later on.

Hi there,

This is just a quick post to remind you that I’m still accepting guest bloggers to the Positivity Blog.

Why should you write a guest post? Here are two reasons:

  • You can help people improve their lives. You can inspire them and you can share valuable lessons and tips.
  • You’ll get some nice exposure and new readers. This blog has over 11000 daily subscribers via email and RSS. And about 240 000 visitors per month. By writing for The Positivity Blog your ideas can get exposure to several thousands of readers. And since you get one link back to your blog at the beginning of the post and a short bio with two more links at the end of the post this can send you quite a bit of new readers.

Many have already written for this website – thank you all! – and I have gotten several reports about how this have provided the guest bloggers with a good amount of new readers.

Here are the guidelines for contributions:

  • Original and Unique. It must be something original you have written and have the copyright for. The post must something you wrote uniquely for the Positivity Blog. It will only be published on this blog and not on any other sites (that includes your blog). You will still hold the copyright for your post.
  • Practical and Relevant. Well, it’s at least got to be relevant to the personal development niche. And I truly appreciate – and I’m sure the readers do to – practical advice within the post on how we can improve our lives. That provides more value to the readers and will probably result in more fans of your writing and blog compared to a fluffier piece. People love really useful information.
  • The post must be somewhere between 800-1500 words. Exceptions can of course be made.
  • No affiliate links are allowed.
  • I’ll add images when appropriate. But if you have already found a great image online that is ok to use copyright-wise then feel free to include that link in your email. And include who holds the copyright for that image.
  • If you have a topic or idea that you feel have been lacking on this blog – health, career and perhaps especially money during these troubled times – then I’m sure both I and the rest of the readers would be extra appreciative.
  • I reserve the right to edit your post in a way that I see fit before publishing. Or reject submissions that I feel aren’t appropriate for this website.
  • Please add a short biography of yourself at the end of your article like the one in this post.

Looking forward to reading your contribution. Good luck with the writing!

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  • I am definitely interested in this. I am currently writing a few articles and will send it to you. Hopefully, my article gets published.

    It will be based on success and self-improvement.

    Keep up the great work!

  • mini


  • Thanks for the opportunity! I have e-mailed you of my blog submission for an article I’d hope you find both unique and helpful. Good day everyone 🙂 “Take off your mask, desire what you desire, and then get it!”

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