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The Top 3 Reasons Why I Work Out

The Top 3 Reasons Why I Workout
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A simple tip for the day: it’s helpful to write down the reasons why you are doing something in your life.

Whenever you feel a lack of motivation you can always return to your list to remind yourself of all the positive benefits you receive from doing something. This can change how you feel and open you up once again to feel motivated. It can be the boost you need to be able to move off the couch and start taking action again.

This tip works for just about anything in life. For this article I’d like to list a few of the top reasons why I workout – with free weights –­­ three times a week.

1. To get a hormone and energy boost.

This is probably the number one reason for me. As mentioned in the Why Every Man Should Lift Weights by Brian Kim, lifting weights can be very helpful for your mental state. The hormone boost you get – as a guy at least, I don’t know how effective this is for women – can change your mood radically for a day or two. I mostly do multi-joint exercises like dead-lifts to use more muscles in my body during the same workout and get a bigger hormone boost.

With that boost in hormones and energy you feel like you’re in forward motion, with a clearer focus and a lot less inner doubt. I’m still surprised about at least a few times each month about how effective a workout is to turn things around for the way better. Awesome stuff. 🙂

2. To set the context for my day.

If you start your day – or at least work out reasonably early – then you will not only feel more powerful and on a sort of emotional high for the rest of the day. We also have a tendency to want to be consistent with what we have done before. You can use that your advantage.

Since you powered through your hard workout it sets the context for the rest of your day. This will make things feel like they are easier to get done. Starting your day with something difficult and getting it done makes you feel good about yourself and sets the mental and emotional bar for your day.

3. To reduce and release negative feelings and tensions.

If you feel negative or just have vague tensions in your body and mind a workout can be surprisingly effective. This nice thing about this is that it works kinda automatically.

Sometimes you just can’t pump up your own enthusiasm or motivation. Or see things from a positive perspective. When working out you don’t have to think or push through such inner resistance. You go and you work out. And most of the time it works like pushing a stress and tension release button in yourself.

Why do you workout?

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  • mini

    well i feel this is wat ineed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    to work out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i have experienced it that exercising gives me a high
    n thanx for making me realise that once again
    keep the good work up!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Great article.

    I agree, working out is very energizing. I also do a lot of compound movements such as squats and deadlifts. With the hormone boost after a workout you feel like you can do anything. It’s a great feeling.

    I also enjoy the challenge. I like to go into the gym and try to improve every workout. It’s a journey.

  • The problem is that most people know about most of the benefits but knowledge is nothing unless you take an initiative and put efforts. Its about how badly you want something and how strong willed you are.

  • Honestly, it just feels good being strong.

  • Working out has more benefits than just losing love handles and carving out a sexier waist, it’s benefits extend deep into the health of your bones, organs, muscles and tissues.

    Have you ever seen a stagnant pool of water?

    … it’s dirty, smelly and full of debris.

    If you’re living the “typical” sedentary lifestyle plaguing most industralized nations, your blood is not that much different … a slow moving river of unhealthy toxins and illness causing ‘debris.’

    Properly performed cardio gets your blood movign rapidly through your system, ridding yourself of unhealthy toxins and opening up a new possibility for increased energy, vibrancy and health.

    Thanks for the post!

  • If you’ve got back and neck pain – you might want to consider working out.

    The human body is designed to move – muscles, joints and bones all benefit greatly from regular physical fitness.

    If you’re not moving, you’re dying.

    And if you’re not moving, chances are you’re in pain.

    Working out helps to strengthen muscles, build strong bones, and create a healthier environment in your body to allow your body to naturally heal itself.

    The old advice given to people with back pain was just to rest, however most doctors now agree that movement and exercise are an important part of the recovery and healing process (the exception is if you have sharp and acute pain, then rest may be necessary).

    This does not mean you have to greatly exert yourself. The exercise should be in relation to the severity of the pain you are suffering from. However, walking should rarely be off limits.

    If you’re experiencing neck and back pain, the good news is that you can always improve your current condition. Exercise is a mere “walk” away.

  • Working out will help you sleep more soundly at night and make you more rested for your next busy day.

  • I workout for the very reasons you do. I especially like how working out makes me mentally.

  • In regards to back pain, I absolutely agree. I have sciatica and as soon as I stop going to the gym it gets worse.

  • Working out will help me to start the day with a high level of energy and lets not forget about the 6 pack abs!

    Personal Development Blogger

  • Thanks for all the great reasons, guys! I actually hadn’t thought at all about how working out can help you out with neck and back pain.

  • When most people start working out its to get in shape and become more health, but as they continue to workout their reasons and motivations change. It becomes more of a feeling that you get because you worked out. A feeling of renewal or rejuvenation.

  • Loz

    great article and totally agree with what all the comments add.

    i use the wii fit and feel great . It means i can do yoga one night and muscle tone the next all in my living room.

    The rush you get calms the nerves and aids in sleep and makes ones skin glow.
    It is freezing cold here in england right now and the work out really brings a warm glow – well that and my cup of tea .

    love this blogg

  • Saidely

    totally agree
    specially on holidays , when I first wake up and do some sport its becomes best days ever full of energy and much focused , I can do what ever i want.

    one’s schedule must include sport and that’s what i gonna do.

    Saidely M.

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