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The Life Changing Power of Positive Thinking and the Tremendous Impact it Has On Others

The Life Changing Power of Positive Thinking and the Tremendous Impact it Has On Others
Image by Alex Cheek (license).

Note: This is a guest post by Nicholas Powiull of Conscious Flex.

There is a famous quote that says this:

“You can only see in someone else what you see in yourself.”
Alan Cohen

The logic behind this quote on a negative level, is that you would not notice something negative in another, if it did not bother you. The reason it bothers you, is because you perceive it in yourself. Otherwise, you would not recognize the qualities in the first place.

Likewise on a positive level, you see the positive things in others, that you see in yourself first. It is easy to see, since you inhabit the same qualities.

If you are observant enough to see the qualities within yourself, you will begin seeing in others what you’re feeling within yourself too.

What Positive Thinking Really Is

The difference between negative and positive thinking, is that positive thinking always leads you to the qualities of yourself that match closest to who you really are. For example, think back to a moment when you were inspired, passionate, enthused, intuitive, etc and notice how people responded to you in these moments. Your inspiration inspired them, your emotion (energy in motion) moved them. In other words, you began seeing in them what you were feeling and as a result they began feeling your impact.

Positive People are Empowered People

Positive thinking is what always leads to these moments when you feeling empowered and it does not matter what description you give this empowerment (inspired, passionate, enthused, etc), they always lead others drawn towards your ability to embrace these qualities.

No matter how negative a person is, your positive qualities will have an impact on them through emotion. Your emotion gives your presence an energy that can be felt. It is not about what you say or do in these moments of empowerment, it is about the feelings you release by just being present within the state of empowerment.

Here are the most perceivable energies that can be felt by others (mostly on an unconscious level), when you are present with empowerment:

The Presence of Empowerment

  • Your presence allows others to feel comfortable. Your impact of the empowered presence gives them the ability to take off all their social masks and know that they will not be judged. Your empowered state influences others to feel peace and calmness in being themselves. Like being eased into a safety blanket, where there are no threats. Your presence instills such a level of comfortableness that others will feel better about themselves. They confide in you and trust you because there are no judgments or threats.
  • Your presence assists others in knowing connection. They feel drawn to you and they will notice the qualities you have in common with them. Your presence reflects a light for them to see themselves as unified with everybody else too. This profound sense of interconnectedness allows them to see beauty in all forms. As if their eyes have been glossed over with vivid color. They expand themselves in this beautiful insight and see who they really are.
  • Your presence aligns others with gratitude. An appreciation for all things overcomes them and they see no reason not to be optimistic, hopeful, and full of purpose. This appreciative nature is especially grateful for the talents, abilities, skills, and creativeness that is uniquely oriented and ordained.

Under empowerment, you do not deliberately intent for others to be impacted this way. It is just the presences that the energy of empowerment radiates.

We know that positive thinking leads to you being empowered, but what is a more accurate path to unlock the door to empowerment of this nature? How do we not lose it once found, and to easily find it again if lost?

The 10 Qualities of the Empowered Compared to Cells

To answer this question, we must first understand more qualities of a empowered person and live those qualities as if they are already instilled within us. To help explain the meanings here, I am going to compare empowered peoples thinking to the empowerment of the body on a cell level. The reason being, is that medical researchers have discovered intelligence through every organ, every system, and every function of the body, which is all made up of cells (rather then the perspective that the brain is uniquely intelligent).

They found that every cell was getting information from the brain, giving information to the brain, but also the cells work independently without instructions from the brain. The other reason I am going to use cells to explain meanings, is that they have stored information, evolving, changing, creating, and yet survived 820 million years of evolution. They are very wise, we would be wise to follow their survival awareness.

Here is a list of empowered peoples qualities that compares to cells:

1. Cells have a higher purpose.

Their purpose is to serve the body as a whole under any circumstance. This is their number one priority. Their individual wellbeing comes second. Selfishness is not an ability they possess.

This is also the purpose of empowered people, they seek to serve humanity as a whole. They do not see things in concepts of accidents or coincidences. They realize everything is synchronized with purpose. They are not surprised when the information they seek comes to them, when the possession they desired shows up, or when someone they have being thinking about calls.

2. Cells do not plan ahead, they do what needs to be done in the moment.

They survive by knowing that whatever they need, the body will supply what they need, as they serve the body. Literally, through medical research, the cell only stores 3 seconds of oxygen and food supply in the cell wall.

Empowered ones live in a state of serving the whole and trust that the universe will supply their needs, by serving their purpose.

3. Cells work with all other cells and see all cells as part of the whole.

Every cell has a purpose, therefore every cell is important, significant, and has a reason for being.

Empowered people do not judge others and see everyone as equal human beings.

4. The essence of a cells nature is to give.

Every cell in the human body is always giving and as a result all the cells maintain every other cell, making the process of receiving automatically produced.

Empowered people give everything of themselves to provide value to everyone on the planet. Since they are willing to give and are committed in giving everything, they receive the same value back. You must give value first in order to attain value.

5. Cells listen to the body through many devices, but the most common is through a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction tells them exactly what to do in order to serve the body.

Empowered people always listen to the chemical reactions of their emotions. They use their emotions as a guide to know if they are in an empowered state. If they are feeling lower energies of frustration, pessimism, negativity, annoyance, depression, etc, then they know they are not aligned with empowerment or the universe.

Being aligned means they only feel positive emotions. They always follow with their emotions. They do not live their life by “shoulds”, “shouldn’ts”, or “have tos”. They flow with emotions. If something is stressful, they leave immediately. If they are unhappy with something, they analyze what’s making them unhappy: their thoughts, words, or actions to a given thing. Then they do whatever it takes to correct the problem, in order to align themselves back with empowerment.

6. Cells are always changing, evolving, and adapting to the conditions of the body.

The human body can eat something never digested before and still manage to succeed. The cells do not reject anything just because it is new, the cell will not hang on to old behavior patterns.

Empowered people go with the flow of the universe. If the evolving universe changes, empowered people change with it. No matter how fearful, unknown, or wrong it may seem. Something new will always seem wrong at first, because you never tried it before.

Empowered people trust that the universe knows something that they do not. They have no fears of the future because they know they create the future in the now. Right now they are empowered and therefore they are creating empowered experiences.

7. Cells have an instinct to know that they are going to die.

In order to keep the commitment of serving the body, they naturally reproduce. Through the reproduction process: the knowledge, wisdom, information, skills, talents, and ability to be the most effective cell possible, is transferred to their offspring. Cells survived and got to the point they are at (820 million years of evolution) through this process.

Empowered people empower their offspring by eliminating the generation gap. In this, they are accepting their physical death, but at the same time creating immortality.

8. Cells desire what other cells desire.

If the body desires something, all the cells desire it to. In meeting the bodies desires (by being committed to the bodies needs), the cells automatically meet theirs.

Empowered people desire for others, what they desire for themselves. For example, I desire for everyone on this planet to be happy, the only way to be happy is through positive thinking because I know it leads to positive beings of empowerment.

I desire this for everyone, hence I wrote an article on how to do just that and in turn it makes me happy knowing that others have the potential of being happy. By meeting your desire, my desire is met. I desire for you, what you desire for you.

9. Cells do not have the ability to rationalize that something is impossible.

Their main concern is the wellbeing of the body and if the body needs/desires something, then they intend and attend to that desire by paying attention to it. They know that if the body needs/desires something then they have the ability to give it just that, or the need/desire would not be there in the first place. They have nothing to prove, they just follow their purpose.

Empowered people intend their needs/desires to happen. They apply success by having a conviction point of view that nothing is impossible. They do not allow themselves to think about what they do not desire to happen, since they realize that thinking that way leads to pessimism and thinking pessimistic only leads to more things to be pessimistic about.

The empowered have nothing to prove to anybody. They do not give their point of view unless asked. They do not argue, debate, or converse in lower energies of this type. They know that getting involved in this kind of conversations leads to frustration and they seek to stay aligned with empowerment.

10. Cells do not take anything for granted.

When they see bacteria, they see an opportunity to determine rather it is invading or helpful. No matter what position the cells are in, they always see an opportunity to meet the cells or the bodies needs/desires.

To the empowered everything in their life is seen as an opportunity, even the setbacks, obstacles, and delays. They are grateful for everything because they realize that there is an opportunity in everything. For example, the setback may lead them to meeting the right person to help them achieve something.


I realize that for most people they only have brief moments of empowerment (a strong sense of being inspired) and it may seem impossible to maintain such empowerment in the ways I describe, yet once you start to soak this in, your behavior, beliefs, and feelings will change. At that point, you will believe it but not experience it (my definition of Hell) until you apply it.

The applying part is the most difficult, yet it is the most important. I have believed things of this nature for years and gave my experience only part of it because I only partly applied it (never a reality, only a hinting). It is only when you fully apply this information, that you will fully experience exactly what is described (if not more accurate, see how words only limit experience and therefore can never exactly describe it).

This article was written by Nicholas Powiull. To read more articles by Nicholas, please visit him at Conscious Flex. Alternatively, if you do not have time then please subscribe and visit later.

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  • Like your blog and all the good positive and purposeful advice. We are kindred spirits…..much of what you discuss is brought to life in something we call “Asset-Based Thinking”. Come visit us at our website and see what you think.


    Would be happy to post some blogs on your site.


  • It takes some serious effort to reach a point where you are very confident in who you are. Once you reach that point, it is easier to also maintain a positive attitude.

    I am not of the school of thought that says you should always be positive. I actually think being negative here and there is healthy and needed.

    I do agree that how you see others is a reflection of how you see yourself.

    Good article, although very deep in content. I assume you are quite the educated man 🙂

  • The quote about what you see in yourself you can only see in other’s is a pretty true statement. To be honest its a really good point!

  • Hank,
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Confident Nerd,
    In my experience, confidence can be created by being positive. Positive people are confident people because they allow themselves to reach empowered states.

    Indeed I have learned the most about who I choose to be under negative situations, being positive is like a light-switch, you can keep the light-switch on continuously, but eventually the light-bulb will go out. Even the most positive person alive experiences negativity sometimes. We live in a world where weeds (negativity) grow automatically, positivity is an active approach. Even if that means just changing the light-bulb every once in a great while. Therefore, accept the fact that negativity will always be there. It is not something you can move past or rise above because both are in relation to each other. Negativity is equal to positivity. Without one, the other could not exist. Negativity is the darkness that allows you to appreciate the light of positivity. Be grateful for both experiences.

    Thank you for the comment 🙂

    Thank you for your heartfelt words. 🙂

  • Hey Nicholas
    I agree with ya. Good Stuff.


  • Thanks for this post. I’m glad you observed that positive people can impact others just with their presence. We don’t tend to give each other enough credit for being empathic — for being able to experience others’ emotional states within ourselves. Many of us don’t realize we can make the world a more joyful place by cultivating joy within ourselves. — In gratitude, Chris

  • Hello Chris Edgar,

    Indeed one individual can cause a revolution of positive change. The results are found in a single ripple.

    Yet, at the same time the individual can not do it alone, everything would be static without others who act. The best way to do this is through living by example. Action is produced in others by seeing results. The ripples are made possible by others, but it has to start somewhere. What better time than now?

    A leader is the one who creates the first ripple, the followers are the ones who create the following ripples. The greatest leaders are not the ones with the most followers, the greatest leaders are the ones who create the most leaders and the circle continues.

  • There is ways to sustain the positive state. You can try methods like anchoring and anchor the most positive state with an action. When anchoring is done, you can summon your most powerful state in a instant. You can read up more about it in Anthony Robbins book, Unlimited Power.

    Personal Development Blogger

  • Hello there Vincent,

    That is very true, there are plenty of ways to sustain the positive state and yes Anthony Robbins nailed that one.

    Another way is through understanding what negativity is. Not to just us but the universe as well. The universe is our direct understanding to how thing really operate. Once you comprehend the universe, then you recognize yourself and the situation of life more clearly. The universe does not observe things in a ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ way. The universe is always unbiased and neutral.

    The whole reason for any experience, is to call forth a remembrance of who you really are as an infinite potential of All That Is and All That Is Not. Within this infinite potential of who you are, anything is possible and once you stop trying to control, move past, go beyond, cast out, go above or run from the possibilities of ‘negative’ experiences then there is no reason for them to happen anymore.

    In other words, the instant you realize and accept that everything is equal, then you recognize you cannot go beyond or move past negative situations. The negative situations are equal to you, since you are infinitely everything. Hence, you are accepting to let go and allow the idea that the possibility of ‘negative’ situations have the potential to happen at anytime and you are perfectly content with that idea, since you realize every ‘negative’ situation is created by you (for you to empower yourself). All it takes is that realization and negative situations will eliminate within your existence.

    We all spend so much time trying to control our lives and having fear to be out-of-control. Yet the more we try to control a situation, the more unmanageable it gets. The reason is because everything is equal and when you try to control something, you are suggesting that you are above it or somehow not equal to it. If you are ever trying to move away from something, get past or rise above anything then you will be mistaken and the infinite universe will always remind you of that fact. If you want negative situations to discontinue then you must be okay with the fact that they will NEVER EVER STOP. Once you are okay with that obvious truth then there is no reason for the universe to remind you of it.

  • Thank you, Nicholas, for this, another installment of the excellent work that you do.
    I have featured this article in my blog carnival, CelebraZine (Celebrate What’s Right in the World).
    many blessings to you and all you hold dear,

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