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The 2008 Year End Overall Checkup: 10 Useful Questions

The 2008 Year End Overall Checkup: 10 Useful Questions
Image by Sir Mervs (license).

The following is something a tad different than the standard New Year’s resolutions that come and go with in the first 30 days of the calendar. It would be an interesting study to see how many people actually claim to have a New Year’s resolution. Next, how many succeed versus dropping them after some time? Finally, what is the average time the dropped resolutions last?

Nonetheless this is more of a “where do I stand” at this juncture of my life on this planet. It tries to ask some very tough , “look in the mirror”, about face questions. It tries to encompass the whole spectrum from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It looks hard at the balance of family and work. Business and play.

I would recommend taking some serious time and seeing exactly where you stand. First, it’s good  to know where you are. With the fast pace in life  we tend to go along and not even realize where the current of life has taken us. Second, to assess and see how you feel about where you are. Third, what do you plan to do about changing your course , while there is still time.

All of us are directly in charge, totally responsible for our life, our mission here on earth. This is a nice little wake up call to actually take a picture of ourselves, and see how we can react to it. How we can alter our own course and paint whatever picture we’d like to see for our futures. Have a look at the 2008 Year End Checklist.

First, a little suggestion as to what to do with the checklist…

Print off and have a little quiet time with yourself to see where you stand at this JUNCTURE in your life.

Rating system is as follows:

A.) Things to be rated on a 1-10 scale. (1=very bad. 10=excellent).
B.) Getting better, the same, or getting worse.
C.) More, the same, or less.


1.) How would you rate your HEALTH?

2.) How would you rate your RELATIONSHIPS ?
a.) Significant other/ spouse/ kids?
b.) Your immediate family?
c.) Your friends?

3.) How would you rate your
a.) work/ job, and,
b.) satisfaction of such?

4.) How are finances (assets and debt load)?

5.) How would you rate your “path” for your plans and goals?

6.) How would you rate your  “Fun Meter”?
a.) what you did in past 12 months?
b.) plans in next 12 months?
c.) are you “living life”, or just going through the motions?

7.) How are you progressing spiritually?

8.) How are you progressing mentally?

9.) Are your morals and ethics in check, getting better, or worse? Rank them.

10.) Overall and in general, would you say you are changing for the better, same, or worse?

Tough questions, but good questions. In a way, they help you see how you are doing at this stage of your life.

Finally, remember two things:

1.) You DECIDE how your year will be.

Happy 2009!

This guest post was written by T.A Smith, creator of Smile Therapy. Stop by for YOUR Daily SMILE at http://www.Smile-Therapy.com

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  • It’s important to ask yourself powerful questions, it’s a magnificent way to really take a good look upon your life or you might end up in the same routines as you always been in.

    Do something radically today, break free from a long-lasting routine you have had today. If your job aren’t giving you anything that money and a bunch of negative emotions, then break out of that, follow your dreams and experience positive emotions.
    It can be anything, maybe you realized that fighting with your sister, husband, girlfriend always leads to negative emotions, well, what about trying a new approach? Rather than keep experience the same negative emotions.

    Over and Out 😀

  • I feel like I’ve taken 20 steps forward this past year and 2 steps back this past week.

    It’s funny how I will judge my life by just the past couple days instead of the past year or two. I feel like I’ve made great spiritual and emotional strides. I must stay focused on all the good and not worry about what has happened in just the past few days.

  • Hi Smith,

    I like your rating system and it actually allow us to sit down and reflect where we are now and what we can do about it to maintain or improve it. Great article!

    Personal Development Blogger

  • What a great bunch of questions. They really get you thinking. Oddly enough, I’m in this phase not because it’s a near year, but because my husband is deployed for a year and I’d like to be a whole year’s worth of better person when he returns. I’m rethinking a lot of things in my life, seeing where I stand, where I’d like to stand and how to get there, so this was very timely for me! I’m glad I’ve come upon your blog!

    -DonnaLynn in Hawaii

  • The questions you’ve complied here are exactly the things you need to ask first before trying to go for those ephemeral New Year’s resolutions.

    Trying to make the big resolutions at the end of the year is a way to almost guarantee failure. I’m a neuroscientist and what I’ve learnt is that if you try to compile a list of things that you “think” matter to you then you can zero in on those things that actually DO matter. If it actually is important the brain is much more likely to remember it with meaning attached to the memory and you are much more likely to continue act on your resolution.

    This question list you’ve shown also has the advantage of breaking down everything into more manageable tasks. From a biological perspective the brain is great at visualizing a only a few things at a time. If for example one of those things is losing weight it’s easy to imagine, but easy to give up because it’s harder to see the progress than the end result. It’s better to focus on the small steps like the day to day meals and aim for a weekly goal rather than your end weight.


  • Hi,
    As a lover and user of all types of empowering questions, thanks for sharing these,


  • I am both happy and humbled that people liked this article.
    Thanks to Henrik for letting me guest blog. He is doing a tremendous job with this blog and its evident by the growing number of readers he has.

    I’ ve found the ranking system to be of great help when trying to find out where someone REALLY stands on something.
    Whether you went to a movie with a spouse, asked someone at work what they thought of your idea, asked your kids how they ranked your home cooked meal, or just played a nice golf course.
    By asking somebody on a 1-10 scale “what did you think”.. you get a much more VIVID understanding of what they thought than a “aah it was ok,or not bad,or pretty good”. The ranking system is a keeper.

    The checklist, even better. Its a good annual ‘where do I stand in life’ meter. Thanks all for your feedback.

    Timothy Smith

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