Review: The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich

The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich Review
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“All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.”

“You might well remember that nothing can bring you success but yourself.”

“If you are ready for the secret, you already possess one half of it.”

~ Napoleon Hill

How do you achieve the success of your dreams? For real?

Well, way back in the early 1900s a man named Napoleon Hill dedicated about 20 years of his life to figuring this out by studying and interviewing 500 of the most successful people at the time. People like Edison, Ford and Andrew Carnegie.

The result was a book called Think and Grow Rich.

A book that went on to sell over 20 million copies. A book that greatly influenced the whole field of personal development as we know it today.

However, in the book there is a secret. The secret to success. It is mentioned in each chapter amongst stories of paths to success and various helpful tips and strategies.

Hill never explicitly tells us exactly what that secret is. It’s up to the reader to figure it out.

Back when I read the book I thought I figured out the secret somewhat but also felt a bit frustrated.

Fortunately, a guy named Brian Kim came along and wrote a book about just that secret and describes it very clearly as a step-by-step plan. Brian states the hidden secret right away in the first chapter of the book to resolve all ambiguity once and for all.

He also backs it up by offering detailed evidence based on the clues Napoleon Hill provided and points out exactly where it is in every chapter of Think and Grow Rich, just as Hill said where it would be, along with plenty of examples, logic and reasoning to support the validity of the hidden secret.

The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich is an e-book that clearly outlines the secret of Hills famous book in a lean and easy to read 122 pages. And if you haven’t read Think and Grow Rich yet Brian includes a free copy of that one too in PDF-format.

Now, the secret in this book is not the same Secret as in the movie with same name. Well, a bit of it is, but Brian’s book is very much grounded in reality and taking action. It’s not about just wishing for stuff (the Law of Attraction doesn’t really seem to be about just that either, although of course some people have exploited the desire for a magic pill and helped form such an impression of that phenomenon).

The power of repetition

If you have been reading this blog for a while you may have noticed that some topics show up over and over again. Stuff like positivity and being present. That’s because I try to remind both you and myself of the most important concepts again and again.

It’s easy to be seduced by the “newness” of different concepts, ideas and techniques. Such a thing makes you feel good over and over as you chase “the next big thing that will finally fix my problem. Unfortunately it can leave you unfocused. And so not very much gets actually done to achieve the success you’d like.

I believe a better way is to keep it relatively simple and repeat what you find most important over and over. Pretty much pound it into your head to make it a natural part of yourself (just like a negative attitude may have been for many years). Brian does the same in his book.

He keeps it simple and then he repeats the most important things in various ways to really impress upon the reader how absolutely vital they are. One of the big points of the book is to get you to really get it and start taking action in your life instead of using the book as another magic pill and getting another temporary emotional high.

I used the hidden secret to create this popular website

At the end of the book Brian asks you to take a look at the successes in your life and look at if you followed the hidden secret to achieve them. So I took a look at one of the biggest successes so far in my life, this blog you are reading right now and chuckled a bit. 🙂

I had followed the steps Brian outlines pretty much precisely. I also took a look at some of my failures and on what step I went wrong. Pretty valuable information that I am sure will help me a great deal during 2009 to course correct and achieve larger and more consistent success in many parts of my life.

I also spotted the weakest step for me regarding this blog and will strengthen it during the year using the techniques Brian suggests. I think this will create some interesting results.

I believe The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich will be valuable to refer back to when I feel like I might be straying off my path and get me back into the headspace where I need to be. A nice thing about the book – besides the repetition that gets the stuff to stick in your mind – are the summaries at the end of each chapter. A quick and easy way to refresh your memory. More personal development books should have those.

OK, so why should I buy this book?

Why should you get this book? Well, I think the biggest thing is that if you get the book and actually use the steps Brian suggests in your life many personal development concepts will start to click for you and the book will assist you to find clarity and the correct path to the success you desire.

This way of doing things is also a natural way of going about things. Meaning that you won’t have to use tons of motivational tricks each day to get yourself to take action. Taking the steps in this plan in the right order will create a forward motion within you and you will be eager to take action.

Yes, information from other books/blogs/people will be valuable along the way to but The Hidden Secret of Think and Grow Rich provides a very solid foundation with the most fundamental building blocks for success in any area of your life. It’s the very most fundamental stuff of achieving success that no list filled with shiny tips can really replace.

Without the fundamentals in this book and the step-by-step plan it will become a lot harder to organize all the things you hear and read and actually understand what is absolutely essential for you to succeed.

I highly recommend this book because Brian obviously wants you to work hard towards and achieve real success in your life.

The book is not just about getting you to feel good for a short while (although it does that too). It’s about you taking personal responsibility for your own life and making what you want out of it.

I also thought it was kinda cool that Brian got a blurb – those short quotes you see on books – from one of my favorite personal development people; Brian Tracy.

Kim’s writing reminds me a bit of Tracy’s books; he quickly gets to the point and shares lots of real and practically useful value in a simple but well-written way. Tracy gives the book a very positive but also fair quote that is grounded in real life and not some hype about quick and unrealistically easy success:

“This Hidden Secret requires insight, imagination and discipline to learn and practise, but it’s worth it. It can change your life!”

I agree.

Brian also includes two bonuses, a short report called The Three Biggest Mistakes People Make When Using the Hidden Secret and a 27-page workbook with exercises to ensure that you actually take action and achieve success instead of just using the material as entertainment.

He also offers an 8-week money back guarantee.

So click here to get the Hidden Secret of Think and Grow Rich today and discover exactly what the Hidden Secret is that Napoleon Hill wrote about in his bestselling classic. And use it to naturally achieve the goals you truly desire like I have with this site.

P.S: I do get a commission if you buy through any of the affiliate links in this review. So thanks for helping me to be able to keep writing and good luck with the book! 🙂