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5 Simple Ways to Stay Positive During the Dark and Cold Winter

5 Simple Ways to Stay Positive During the Dark and Cold Winter

“In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer.”
Albert Camus

Up here in Sweden the winter is dark, cold and often comes with a mix of rain and snow. And spring is still far away.

It is not easy to keep the energy and optimism up like in the bright and warm summer days.

So today I’d like to share 5 simple habits that make it a lot easier to stay positive and keep the energy up even throughout this dark and often grey season.

1. Find one of your biggest energy sucks.

Ask yourself: What is the biggest energy suck in my life right now?

You may for example find that it is a person in your life that is very negative. Or that the report that you have been meaning to finish for a month now is dragging you down.

Then you follow that up with asking: What is one thing I can do about this?

Maybe you decide that you want stop hanging out with that person. Or at least spend less of the time you have in a week with him or her and more of that time with the people that give you the most energy.

Perhaps you can just set off 5 minutes today to get started again with finishing your report.

For some energy sucks there might not be a simple solution. Or a solution at all, at least at this time. Then you may want to find one of the lesser leaks in your life that you can actually do something about.

Take a few minutes or an hour out of your day to plug just one of these biggest leaks and you’ll have more energy to spend on what truly matters to you.

2. Be grateful for the small things and the things you may sometimes take for granted.

When I’m brushing my teeth in the morning and looking out the window over the dark and rainy landscape it is easy to forget about the things I actually have.

Things like:

  • A roof over my head and a warm home.
  • Clean water.
  • Three steady meals every day.

I have found that zooming out on my perspective like this helps out a lot to snap out of any kind of victim thinking and negativity.

3. Vitamin D supplements.

A new one for me.

This winter I have started taking Vitamin D supplements each day and I have found it to give me a lot of the energy I tend to lose during a long winter back. A few people close to me are also taking it and are reporting similar positive effects in varying degrees.

Considering how easy, inexpensive and most importantly effective this one is for me personally I plan to continue to use it during the coming winters too.

4. Exercise.

An obvious but a very effective one.

Regular exercise will give you more energy. It will help you to release inner tensions, anxiety and stress. And so it will be easier to stay relaxed, positive and to think clearly with less overthinking and to act decisively.

This winter I have been consistently working out every other day. One good habit that I’ve used since the fall to keep the consistency up is to record each workout with a quick note or two in my RunKeeper app on my smart phone.

By doing so I find that I’m less likely forget about the exercise and as I can see how I’m progressing I’m more motivated to stick with it.

5. Take action and move forward.

Few things create so much frustration, worries and anxiety as sitting on your hands and doing nothing.

So even though it might be a little extra tough to get started or to keep going with your dreams and goals during this season remind yourself that if you do you will replace those feelings and thoughts above with optimism and self-confidence.

And remember that you do not have to go forward in big or quick leaps.

The most important thing is simply that you move forward. Even if it is by just taking one small or slow step after another.

Because those steps will quickly add up over the weeks even if they may not look so impressive in themselves.

Image by Transformer18 (license).

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  • Thanks Henric, feel better already. Am very very down at present, with all the Worlds problems. Just wish I could make that light burn brighter at the end of the tunnel.
    Have a great day, John.

  • maria

    Very nice article. Absolutely agree about exercizing, even 10 min make huge difference.

    For me personally winter is magic season of fantasy and fairy tailes reading and rereading, planning new things.. i can surely say that my imagination is working better during winter!

    I think its a special season just made to spend more time at home, take rest, re-think and re-value some things.

  • Deb K

    What do you do when you work in a small office and a coworker you deal with a lot through out the day continuously takes all the positive energy that you had very little of to begin with? No option to find a new job.

  • ignas

    i like it thanks a lot!!

  • Very useful.

  • Nevena

    Thank you again for the lovely post! The world is a better place because of people like you;)

  • Thank you Henrik for the great inspiration. I lived six months in Sweden and the best solution was strongly lighted room (my office) and coffee, which encouraged me 🙂 However, in my home country in the Czech Republic, it is largely the same as in Sweden – short, dark days and lack of light.

    Either way, I use positive affirmations throughout the year and I am grateful for the little things, so there is no reason to stress out in the summer, in the fall or winter 🙂

  • Thanks for the points Enrik and to add to your point number 2, being appreciative of what we have. I find it self motivating to visit the hospital once in a while. I discovered this by accident but it is working for me. Seeing all those suffering people what you realise is that many of them are still smiling or even laughing. I ask myself, if i am healthy and not having any health issues, how can’t i be happy or atleast make an effort to be happy? It works.

  • Such a great list of recommendations! I often recommend many of these to my health coaching clients.

  • Vit D, exercise, gratitude. Absolutely. A trip to a sunny climate. Would be nice. What I try to do every day is actually enjoy the “hibernation” mode of winter. Candles, movies, and artistic projects. Friends over for dinner. Baking cookies. That’s one of my favorites.

    • Anonymous

      I so agree about the candles!!!! Life savers! Good call.

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