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Free Double Your Reading Speed Download + 60 Percent Discount on Photoreading

The discount is now over. Please go here to read my review of Photoreading.


Learning Strategies are now offering all Positivity Blog readers a free download of their Double Your Reading Speed in 10 Minutes session (that also sells regularly as a CD for 19.95 dollars) plus a 60 percent discount on both versions of the Photoreading system. These offers are only available for a limited time until the 30:th of December 2009, so if you’re interested I would suggest following the link above now.

Double Your Reading Speed in 10 Minutes is a quick session where you learn to read faster through three steps (and it includes a great little exercise for quickly stepping into a mental state of relaxed attentiveness).

Photoreading is a whole system and home study course filled with techniques to help you not only read even faster but also to help you get what you want out of books and to better understand and retain what you have learned. It’s not just about moving your eyeballs faster over every word words in a linear reading kind of way but more about getting what value you want out of a book.

Instructions for the free download and discounts

To access the free download and the discounts go to this page. After you have filled in your email and other details you will get an email in your inbox (be sure to check the spam-folder too so it didn’t get displaced there). Inside the email is a link to the page where you download the Double Your Reading Speed file. The file is in .zip format so you need a program to unzip the file and get access to the mp3 file within. You can unzip it very easily by using Winrar for Windows (free for 40 days) or StuffIt Expander for Mac (totally free).

Inside the email from Learning Strategies is also a link to the sales page for Photoreading. On the salespage you just type in the customer code from the email and click the” update shopping basket” button to receive the discount. If you pay by credit card then you can split the payment into three parts that you pay over three months (that option costs an extra 9 dollars).

The discount is 60 percent on both versions of Photoreading. The classic version now costs 99.95 dollars instead of the usual 245 dollars. And the Deluxe version goes for 218 dollars instead of 530 dollars.

My impressions of Photoreading

I must admit that I was feeling favorable feelings towards the Photoreading system not only because it is the most popular and top selling product from Learning Strategies. It was also because Paraliminals – that is also created by Learning Strategies, a company has been around since 1981 – is one of my absolute favorite personal development products.

I have only used the Photoreading for a short while but it has helped me to cut down on reading time, to retain more of what I read and see it more as a whole rather than parts. Very useful stuff that I wish I had known about when I was studying in school.

Photoreading makes reading a different experience than it used to be. Instead of reading word by word it becomes more of active play and exploration where your purpose for reading the book is of vital importance. You first get into the right mental state for reading and then make multiple passes over the pages using various techniques instead of just sitting down and reading from the first to the last page.

I will still read in the normal way – especially when it comes to fiction – but these techniques will be helpful for, for example, all those personal development books on my shelf I haven’t explored yet. Plus, the course has given me valuable tips on how to determine in few short minutes if I should even start reading a book.

What is Photoreading?

Photoreading is a whole homestudy course and system. Like the Paraliminals, Photoreading comes in very nice and professional packaging. The classic version contains:

  • A 74-page course manual with exercises.
  • 8 study sessions on CDs (each is about 60-75 minutes long). Paul Scheele walks you through the whole system step by step and you follow along and pause to do exercises. It also contains tips for integrating  Photoreading into your studies, work, career and life both online and offline.
  • The Photoreading book.
  • The Natural Brilliance book, a very helpful book in itself on how to overcome challenges and change your life in positive way.
  • The Memory Supercharger, a Paraliminal that helps you to improve your memory.
  • A 30,000-word dictionary
  • A $50 tuition discount certificate that can be used for USA and Canadian seminars.
  • Free telephone support with a trained PhotoReading Coach.

There is also the Deluxe version that contains all of items above plus:

  • The PhotoReading Activator, a special Paraliminal that helps you to become better at Photoreading.
  • The PhotoReading Results Supercharger, 3 DVDs where you follow 6 student during  a Photoreading seminar. These are very professionally made DVDs that take you through a workshop/seminar and give you inside secrets to improve your reading even more. It also includes 11 special features, like instructions for different exercises you can use to for instance improve your learning abilities and release tension.

Access your free download and discounts for Photoreading

I found the Photoreading system to be very fascinating and pretty impressive stuff after my first time spent with it. I am sure I will learn a lot more about it over the coming months and years as I integrate it and use it in my daily life.

And I’m not the only one who likes it. Personal development giants like for example Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield and Harvey McKay like it too.

”I have seen Paul Scheele help countless people to discover a faster, more efficient path to success through his Photoreading system. No matter what you need to read, he can teach you to get it done in a third of the time.”

Anthony Robbins

“If you read more slowly than you’d like, consider taking a course to increase not only your reading speed but also how fast you absorb the information. The best resource I’ve found is the Photoreading course by Paul Scheele.”

Jack Canfield

“If time is money, and reading takes time, then I heartily recommend saving money and time with this brilliant guide. For those of us in the fast lane, Photoreading isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.”
Harvey McKay

The Photoreading system includes a 30 day money back guarantee, so there is no risk. You can just try it out and return it for a full refund it if you didn’t find it effective.

The discount is now over. Please go here to read my review of Photoreading.


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  • How much is the course itself? Thanks.

    • The classic version of the course now costs 99.95 dollars instead of the usual 245 dollars. And the Deluxe version of the course goes for 218 dollars instead of 530 dollars.

  • photoreading? i’ve never heard of it seems pretty interesting and worth the time to check out

  • Key

    I bought the cd’s over a year ago. I learned a bit through it, but I didn’t find it all that useful. I definitely wasn’t able to photoread the way the course suggested. I’m wondering if anyone else here used it and was able to actually photoread as described.

  • This is a great program (recommended by Steve Pavlina). I’d also add Speed Reading by Tony Buzan to the mix. You learn so much with these tools.

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