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Eat Stop Eat Review + Special Discount Offer with Bonuses for Positivity Blog Readers

Sometime during the spring, when I first heard about using fasting from time to time to lose fat I thought it sounded a bit odd.

But then I thought about how people in all kinds of religions have been fasting for thousands of years.

I read a bit about it online and it seemed to be a pretty popular topic on various fitness blogs. Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training – the program I use every week and that helped me to lose 26 pounds – is a fan for example. So I got curious.

So I read a book called Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon (the guy above in the photo). It’s a pretty short and concise ebook at 91 pages.

In it Brad dispels many myths about fasting. He counters the arguments people may use to not try it out – like slowed down metabolism, fear of losing muscle, fear of becoming just too hungry – with facts and research (the book has over 50 references from different scientific studies).

The main idea of this way of losing fat is to fast for 24 hours once or twice per week. This will create a calorie deficit and you will use more energy than you put into your body. And so you lose weight. That’s it.

My Four Week Challenge

First, a quick note on fasting. As Brad writes in the intro to the book: “The information within this book is meant for healthy adult individuals. You should consult with your physician to make sure it is appropriate for your individual circumstances.”

Now, since I had gained back a few of those 26 pounds I lost earlier this year I thought I’d give it try. So I have fasted for two 24 hour periods during the last four weeks. The results? I lost 4 kilos/9 pounds.

I did no cardio exercises – I usually do the bodyweight exercises from the Turbulence Training program – during these four weeks to see how much I could lose without that training. I did however do two 25 minute workouts with free weights per week to maintain my muscle mass and just lose the fat. I did not lose any strength during the four weeks.

So how was it?

Well, pretty unobtrusive and I guess that is the point of this way of eating. You don’t have to prepare special meals. Or constantly think about what you are eating. You just stop eating. Then you just eat again as if nothing happened. It’s a pretty relaxed and very simple way of eating to lose weight.

I had hunger pangs when I usually eat but they dissipated again pretty quickly as I kept busy with work and other stuff. An interesting side effect of fasting is that productivity goes up. When you don’t have to cook food, eat and wash the dishes you can get quite a bit more done during your day of fasting.

I did however notice that it did become harder to focus for maybe four hours before the fast was done. My mind was foggier. I could still work and do some light stuff but for example writing a blog post would be hard.

But the thing is, this way of eating is very flexible. Taking your fasting day on a day when you for example have an important test in school is nothing you need to do. You can take your fast any day of the week, when it fits you and your schedule.

Besides dispelling the myths about fasting and changing how you think about food and fasting Brad also goes into the benefits of fasting from time to time – like decreased insulin levels and increased insulin sensitivity and growth hormone levels – and gives you a how to guide to live the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle with a helpful frequently asked questions section.

Anything to improve?

So I really liked the book and the intermittent fasting. But were there any negatives about it all? Well, nothing major, but I found a few things.

  • Plain standard design. Eat Stop Eat is designed with the plain standard white background and black text. That’s totally OK but I hope that perhaps more ebook authors follow the example of for instance Leo Babauta of Zen Habits and add a little more to the design to spruce things up.
  • Few food tips. One of the upsides of intermittent fasting is that you don’t have to fret about every meal to get a calorie deficit. However, I would have liked to see a little more about some recommended food and tips for when you are eating so you don’t compensate the calories lost by overeating.

UPDATE: The Special Discount Offer is Now Over.

    But you can still get just the the ebook or more more expanded options such as the Advanced package that contains all the items below plus additional audio files.

    • The Eat Stop Eat ebook.
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    • The 10 day Diet Solution – Brad’s 25 page ebook on how to overhaul your diet in 10 days, how to erase bad eating habits in less than two weeks and how to avoid the biggest causes of overeating.

    Brad offers a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked so there is no risk for you.

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    • 24 hours usually doesn’t seem like enough time for a day, but I have a feeling I won’t feel that way this weekend. Yes, I am going to try this fasting idea on Sunday. That’s the best day for me to stay away from temptation & still have plenty to do.

    • Melissa

      I am definitely going to try this fasting with an open mind. I believe that is amazing that you have lost 9 pounds in just 4 weeks.
      We will see how my results will be!

    • JDH

      Great article. I will have to check out this book. I have fasted quite a few times and it really is an interesting experince. the longest I ever fasted was for 21 days and I felt transformed. I do the Master Cleanse, and though it gets a lot of bad press because celebs do it solely for weight loss, I think its a great fast. Though I wish I could expereince the clear head that others have talked about, I’m usualy zoned out most of the time while fasting but I feel wonderful during and after. Fasting really gives you an appreciation for food, and an appreciation that food is indeed a drug. Everyone should fast atleast once in their life.

    • Becca

      Interesting concept. I fast for religious reasons at least once a month for approximately 24 hours. It can be hard and not a good idea if you are running or exercising, although my fasts includes not drinking. I don’t think I’ve heard of just plain fasting instead of…drink only apple juice, or tomato juice, to lose weight. Maybe that’s how I maintain my weight. Tee Hee.
      I’ve been reading your blog this last week or so and have quite enjoyed it. I have entered a contest to win a job as a good mood blogger, you can view my profile and vote everyday at http://www.sam-e.com/job/profile/564.
      I wrote a piece today that is similar to some of your posts. It may be too long, but here it is.

      Charma. Good things happen to good people. Positive thoughts and positive actions equals positive results. Give someone a compliment. You feel happy and they feel good. Serve someone. You feel good and they feel better. My husband says we should always believe that people are doing the best they can with the information and understanding they have. We should always believe people took the actions they did with the best intentions.
      If you say something bad about someone say ten nice things about that person. It helps you look at the situation more positively, feel compassion for that person and be a more positive person. I use to work in a group home for delinquent and struggling youth. They earned points for the good and bad things they did. The rule was that for ever four sets of bad points they earned they should have ten positive sets of points so that they can feel good about life, even if they are little things.
      I’ll never forget when a high school teacher had all thirty students sit in a circle where every single one of us said something nice about everyone else. This took the full class period for almost a week. Not all of us knew each other that well, but we could still offer a “I like your shoes” “I like your smile” “You run fast”.
      Telling twenty nine other people good things about them, makes you feel happy. Having twenty nine people tell you something nice about you makes you feel good inside Listening to twenty nine people tell each other nice things, creates a unity in the class.
      We’ve used this at my husband’s family reunion and video taped it. This became more personal, years of nice things to say. “You were always there for me” “You always are happy for me and non-judgmental”.
      Some groups write nice things about each other and then you can take it home. Saying something nice never hurts. So say something nice to someone today. Say something nice about someone today. Feel Positive. Feel Happy. Feel Good.

    • Aren’t you putting your body in a severe catabolic state? Sure, you’re putting yourself in a caloric deficit for the week, but your body is going to turn on itself and start breaking down muscle. It would be even worse if you work out that day, your body would literally be eating itself – not in a good way.

      Of course you’ll lose weight. Not only is your body turning on itelf, it’s also hoarding fat and breaking down muscle which is heavier than fat. You said it yourself, “Taking your fasting day on a day when you for example have an important test in school is nothing you need to do.” Why would you do a diet that is so destructive it would cause your thinking to be half speed.

      Good things intuitively make sense. This doesn’t. Fasting as a religious practice originated out of people’s desire to humble and discomfort themselves, not out of any sort of perceived health benefit. Detoxifying and cleansing your body from time to time may be a good idea, but I can’t see how fasting twice a week could be.

      If you want to lose weight permanently and feel awesome, read up on metabolic typing or buy “How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy” by Paul Chek. It will change your life.

    • Not a bad idea, I am a nutritionist and a big fan of experimenting like this. I imagine the biggest concern is that metabolic rate with drop and muscle will be lost but one day a week is really not enough for the body to respond negatively.
      I once tried a day on day off fast for a month and to my surprise my body adjusted and I stayed about the same weight. Once a week would definitely keep the body from adjusting. I might give this a try…

    • I don’t doubt you can lose a lot of weight using this fasting method, but why not just eat healthier foods and exercise more? Isn’t it all about calories-in/calories-out? People seem to suggest a million and one tricks to get around the simple solution of consistent commitment and self-control. Isn’t that why dieting is a multi-million dollar industry?

      Like physical inertia, good habits are sometimes hard to develop, but once they’re in place they tend to drive themselves. Just my two cents.

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