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One Year Ago on The Positivity Blog

Not so surprisingly, everything has been moving slowly online for the last few days (and will probably continue to do so for the next few days).

But if you got a few minutes over today, here’s a short update linking back to December 2006. If you haven’t browsed the archives or been reading the blog for that long you may have missed these articles.

  • 9 Lessons I Have Learned from George Costanza
    “Who should we turn to learn about life and how to improve it? Jesus, Buddha, Anthony Robbins or Eckhart Tolle? Sure. But for today I’d like to turn to an unlikely individual named George Costanza.”

  • Why You Should Not Compare Yourself to Others
    “You shouldn’t compare yourself to others!”, people might tell you. Of course, without an explanation this is about as good advice as “Just be yourself!” or “Just be more confident!”. Most likely it will not help at all. So, why shouldn’t we compare ourselves to others? One reason is that there is always someone – or more likely, a bunch of folks – better than you.”

  • Video: Stumbling on Happiness
    ”Here´s an very interesting video on something most people want: happiness. Author Dan Gilbert did this 22 minute talk at TEDTalks in 2004. Gilbert is a psychology professor at Harvard and wrote the book Stumbling on Happiness.”
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  • Great collection of diverse articles you had in this post, found it very refreshing 🙂

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