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Link Karma – 17 May 2007

Link Karma is a section of The Positivity Blog where I list some good reading I´ve stumbled upon during the last few days (or weeks, depending on how much browsing and reading I do).

If you have a tip about something great you read, send an email to henrik at positivityblog.com.

Thanks and enjoy this batch of articles!

The 15 Best Diet Tips Ever – I thought this was a pretty nice list. I especially like tip # 2 “Think about what you can add to your diet, not what you should take away” and tip # 14 “Use non-food alternatives to cope with stress”.

I’m trying to boost my happiness by being more enthusiastic – A warm and useful post by Gretchen Rubin.

5 Back-to-Basics Strategies For Renewing Your Energy – I really like these five simple tips from Ririan. But I have to admit that I´m having some trouble with tip # 2 and tip # 3.

Do You Need People to Support You? – This post by Scott H Young resonated with me. A good and insightful read.

Can you see the green dot? – It´s funny how the mind can be tricked. One of the coolest optical illusions I´ve seen so far.

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  • boomsic

    i wanna get some books in English about personal development to imrove my English and people skills… but it’s so difficult to get that into the Russia…

  • boomsic

    And, Henrik, I found some optical illusion on this page http://www.psy.msu.ru/illusion/
    but it’s page in Russian… just click on a picture 🙂

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