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Hi, New Readers!

So I go travelling for a few days in the summery south of Sweden and come back to find that my article 18 Ways to Improve Your Body Language has been picked up by a lot of blogs – including some of the big ones like Lifehacker (um, that has actually picked up One Simple Way to Reduce Procrastination too), Lifehack and Dumb Little Man – in the last day or so. 🙂

If you are new here you may want to check out some other articles and a good place to start is in the Best of-section in the right column of the blog. A good complement to the body language article might be the ever-popular Do You Make These 10 Mistakes in a Conversation?

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  • Hi 🙂 I found you from Lifehacker.

    Netvibes is a good start page RSS reader.

  • Hi,
    I’m here thru Life hack and I’m so glad that I’ve got you…
    thanx for all your posts it’s very inspiring.

  • great site, lots of content, I’ll be back…

    Truthteller site

  • yezzer, Rajesh and Eduardo: Hi and thanks!

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