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Link Karma – 19 February 2007

Link Karma is a new section of The Positivity Blog where I list some good reading I´ve stumbled upon during the last few days (or weeks, depending on how much browsing and reading I do).

The articles I link to will most often have something to do with personal development and lifehacks (naturally…) but won´t just be limited to ones I found on blogs.

I´ll also try to include technology that may change our lives in the coming years and personal growth stuff I don´t that much about myself but am curious about.

If you have a tip about something great you read, send me an email to henrik at positivityblog.com. Thanks and enjoy this batch of articles!

  • Post-Secret – Here´s a fascinating idea. People can anonymously send in their secrets written down on a post-card and every Sunday they are scanned and posted on this blog. There are also three Post-Secret books for anyone interested.

  • An awesome short-story – I really love this short-story called “0wnz0red” by Cory Doctorow (of BoingBoing fame). It´s a about a programmer who loses a friend and about hacking a system no one´s hacking that much. Yet. Very cool stuff. You can get a lot of Doctorow´s older stories for free at his website and also download his new book “Overclocked”. To read this one you may have to watch an ad at salon.com.

  • Bionic eye may be available to patients in two years – Another piece of very cool stuff. From the BBC-article: “What we are trying to do is take real-time images from a camera and convert them into tiny electrical pulses that would jump-start the otherwise blind eye and allow patients to see,” said Professor Mark Humayun, from the University of Southern California.

  • 10 great web-tools for college students – Eventhough I´m not a student anymore, these free tools looks pretty useful. I´m especially curious about Meebo, Ottobib and Bookfinder. (via Lifehacker)

  • 22 ways to reduce eye-strain at your computer – I had been thinking about this nuisance for a while and stumbled upon excellent list at The Lightning Blog via lifehack.org. I especially like the information about properly adjusting the lightning at your workplace.

  • How to give a good compliment – Alvin Soon over at the wonderful Life Coached Blog wrote this concise and very useful post a couple of days ago. A must read for anyone.

  • Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us – Finally, an enlightening and enjoyable four and a half minute video – that you might have already seen since I´ve seen at least 10 other blogs linking to it – for all of us that aren´t really sure about what this Web 2.0 thingy really means and where it is taking us. Made by Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University with an some fine music called “There’s Nothing Impossible” by Deus (download the full album freely and legally here). RSS-subscribers, click here to watch the video.


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  • I’ve seen it once a couple of weeks ago. It really made me think about how information is getting filtered up and mixed around.

    Anyways, I’m enjoying your blog. Good job. 🙂

  • Thanks a lot, Adam. What strikes me about the video, besides what you and I have already written, is how bad my typing-skills are compared to the guy in the video. I really need to work on that… 🙂

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