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Happy New Year!

This will be short post as we are soon going out partying to celebrate New Year´s Eve.

But I´d like to share these – as Serge Kahili King writes in ”Mastering your hidden self” – “deceptively simple” guidelines from the Huna.

I feel they summarize a lot of what I have learned about personal development during 2006.

Bless the present.

Trust yourself.

Expect the best.

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  • Hey there,

    Have a fantastic new year, may 2007 bring you joy, love, peace, harmony and wonderful dreams,

    All the best,


  • Hello, I am glad to have found your website, I will come back to see what you have written in the future. I am trying to locate and read as many positive thinkers as I can, my life is in need of huge changes and soon.
    God Bless

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