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How to double your productivity (series)

This is a seven part series intended to help you to increase your productivity.

Declutter, declutter, declutter! – On the importance of decluttering your life from the unimportant things. Features tips on how to declutter your workspace, your home, your computer and online habits and your life.

Where is your time really going? – Practical advice on how to find out where your time is going and how this can help you improve your life and productivity.

Prioritize with Pareto Principle – Find out what you should prioritize in school, in your blogposts and in life by using the famous Pareto Principle.

3 ways to find out if something is worth doing – Learn some effective methods to find out if something is worth doing by using the power of different perspectives.

Find and work from your values – On the importance of values, how to find them and align your life with them. Also, a bit about internal rules and how they can increase/decrease your quality of life.

Set and accomplish your goals – On the importance of planning, deadlines, preventing common problems and the sometimes more effective way of focusing on the process rather than the outcome to get what you want.

9 additional ideas to double your productivity – A couple of short paragraphs on additional important factors to increase your productivity. Includes thoughts on the importance of clear communication, studying to improve, not beating yourself up and taking breaks.

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  • I’ve gone through the posts. Nice list. Gave me a few ideas I can try . Thanks.

  • Mhm!

  • I have gone through these post, trust me it gave me lots of idea, i am really messy to to.

    Specially i like the idea of learn to say NOOOOOOOOO .. i commit too many Yes and end up breaking hearts 🙁

    anyways to relax you can find few free online games at http://www.cicogames.com

  • Good ways of increase productivity

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