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How to cure hiccups… for real

This one came to me one dark night a few years ago while walking home filled to the top with beer. And then hick, hick, the hiccups showed up. A spasm in my diapraghm produced that annoying, involuntary experience.

I stopped. I stood absolutely still. Then I started breathing slowly and focused all my attention on one point. In this case I think it was a stop-sign. I focused my eyes to just see the stop-sign. I tuned out the rest in my field of vision, I tuned out my friends that was asking what I was doing. Within a minute the hiccups went away.

During the last few years I´ve probably tried this method about 15-20 times. It´s always worked, within one or a few minutes the hiccups are gone. I don´t know why or how, but it works. Try it out and tell me how it worked for you.

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  • Chris H

    cool I’ll have to try this, I havent had hiccups in ages though.

  • Margaret

    Dude. Maybe you should go into publishing books. Sounded likea crazy story to me! Its bitchin.

  • El Guapo

    I’ve always emplyed a very similar tactic. I suggest concentrating on the next hiccup. If you concentrate completely on the next hiccup, it never comes. As soon as your thoughts stray, HIC!

  • Phil

    dude i have had the hiccups non-stop for about half a day and this completely worked. I tried everything, a glass of water while plugging my nose, holding my breath for 60 seconds, a spoonful of sugar…. this was the only thing that finally stopped them, thanks.

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