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If You Could Not Get the New Email Subscription Form to Work Yesterday Then Read This

Hi guys!

I just checked my email and had gotten a whole bunch of emails telling me that the form included at the end of yesterday’s blogpost did not display properly or could not be used to subscribe and to get more information about my new book “The Art of Relaxed Productivity”. The people who let me know about this were the ones reading this blog via email.

I have now checked my own two copies of the post/email that went out to my blog readers and the newsletter readers and neither worked. So I guess that my lesson for today is to not try to include email subscription forms in emails. 🙂

Many of you have already subscribed and if you have gotten the email to confirm your subscription and the short welcome email then you are on the the list.

I have also added the people who emailed me and wanted to me to add them manually.

However, if you had trouble yesterday and wanted to subscribe then follow the link below to the latest blogpost on my website and at the end of it you will find an email form that works properly.


I’m sorry about the mistake and hope all of you will have a wonderful day!

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