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Eckhart Tolle and Oprah – 10 Free Weekly Live Web Events

10 Free Weekly Live Events with Eckhart Tolle and Oprah

Maybe you’ve already heard about this. Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth is the Book of the Month at Oprah’s Book Club. This a great opportunity for Tolle’s ideas to reach a really big audience. But Oprah and Tolle has taken this a step further.

Starting today – and continuing for 10 weeks – Oprah and Eckhart Tolle will hold live web events where different concepts from the book will be discussed. The schedule for the webcasts looks like this:

Monday, March 3rd
– The Flowering of Human Conciousness

Monday, March 10th
– Ego: The Current State of Humanity

Monday, March 17th
– The Core of Ego

Monday, March 24th
– Role Playing: The Many Faces of the Ego

Monday, March 31st
– The Pain-Body

Monday, April 7th
– Breaking Free

Monday, April 14th
– Finding Who You Truly Are

Monday, April 21
– The Discovery of Inner Space

Monday, April 28th
– Your Inner Purpose

Monday, May 5th
– A New Earth

If you haven’t already read A New Earth this a good opportunity to do so and to be able to gain a deeper understanding of the ideas in the book via the web events and discussions with other readers online.

What are the benefits of reading this book and understanding and applying Tolle’s ideas? A few upsides that I have found and mentioned before include:

  • Being able to spend more of your life in the present moment.
  • Understanding your ego and how it can mess up your life.
  • Reducing fear and negative emotions.
  • Increasing inner stillness and positive emotions.

You can sign up for free for the web events and discussions right here. I and over 380000 others have already done so.

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  • Thanks Henrik,

    I enrolled last week but will stumble and digg this article for you as his book the new earth is the way of the future.

    Looking forward to fine tuning my experience on earth.

    Peace, love and travel



  • Pono

    Was on the first night and got kicked off in less tha 20 minutes. It was fascinating – then frustrating – no way to get back – and the Oprah group connected me instead to some old show about menopause. If O is going to do the big event, she should ensure bandwidth. Not happy…..

  • a6tlas


    the link for the Oprah/Tolle webimar ne marche pas? (is not working)


  • Margaret MacLeod

    I was so disappointed last evening. Everything was fine at first, I took my seat in class, the show began the live show came through for just a few minutes then paused and came through every minute then screen froze then it worked for a minute then froze for 5 minutes then worked a very short time then froze completely. It was wonderful to hear for those first few minutes. What happened???? Was it because so many of us were on line together??? I love the book, read it once and am going to read it again. Margaret

  • holee of Malaysia

    Suggest everybody to explore Buddha’s teaching of “Vipassana” meditation since 2500 years ago.

    Whatever Eckhart Tolle sharing with Oprah match exactly with Guatama Buddha’s teaching in observing the present moment and accepting everything/everybody/every event will arise and subside focus on one’s breathing.

    Ability to tame the monkey mind from moment to moment will allow to be “present” with him/herself.

  • Judith

    It was discouraging not to be able to access the site. Apparently it was full and not accepting new people. I hope to be able to see it live sometime, so I will keep trying. we need a peaceful and compassionate world for our children and granchildren and beyond. I’m more concerned about that than my personal happiness…

  • I have been greatly influenced by the teachings and confessions of Eckhart Tolle since 2001.

    On March 8, 2008, I heard him speak in person for the first time.

    While his messages of presence, breathing and Being were simple it was truly his own physical presence; his manner of so gently speaking from such a conscious place of feeling awareness that I still feel impacted daily and moment to moment because of his Siddhi transmission.

  • Cristian Muresanu

    I am writing from Romania and I wish to tell you that Tolle’s teachings (or rather words, because he is not adding anything new to what already it is) made me feel the presence state as never before. However, a special alchemical phenomena inside my body which took place on february 3rd 2006 had a great role in order to achieve more stillness of the mind and an ongoing inner peace which had now been part of my being for more then 2 years, 365 days per year. After that, and after meeting one his … gatherings of friends which he wished to call them, I was finally prepared for the moment of reaching the depths of my mind as never before. The alchemical biological process had reduced quite a lot the identification of “me” with the “sufference body” and the Tolle words added a more profound aspect of it.
    I am happy as never before in my life.
    I wish you all to attain this state.

  • Cristian Muresanu

    One of the greatest problem in achieveing the silence within is not the fact you cannot achieve few moments of stillnes, but the fact you cannot live most of the time in stillness. What Tolle is showing us is not a teaching, not a dogma not a similarity with any man-made releigion, but words which points to stillness, and stillness is what we should live. I myself found difficult in maintaining stillness, once achieved, because at least in my case, the mind had been continuosly perturbed by the activity of some endocrine system parts from the biological body. These produces hormons and reactions on the brain which alters the reality received from the senses organs (smell, view, hear, etc.). So instead of having a correct understaning of your environment and relationships, we mostly have an incorrent and incomplete one. The activity of hormons is influencing the brain and so the mind is interpreting what the brain is actually “feels”. So, having this closed vicious circle within us, it is hard to maintain silence and stillness or to permanently feel a silent background every minute and hour. Tolle passed a great crises in one night and in the next morning he had been completely “changed”. I had passed only 2 minutes of deep crises on february 3rd 2006 but with some aditional 5 months of very violent so called kundalini ascension which now operates constantly 365 days per year. So, please don’t take this is vain, it is very very important to make you body fully functional. It’s a lot to talk about, … so in order to make what he is pointing to, we need a minimum discipline of the body and respiration, just a minimum one. This does not include hard practices, heavy asanas or hours of meditation, just a little will to do it, an inner confrontation with all your emotions, fears, atitutudes, menthalities,… dogmas and so on.

  • kirk kyle howell

    The Power of Now was truly inspirational. Please send me free web events.

  • There is some great discussion going on here, great insight people. I have began reading this book and participating in the online classes and I believe Eckart’s message is very useful. I don’t agree with everything he says, but for the most part, it is great to learn. I am Catholic who believes in God, but I also believe in spirituality. I think you need a balance of the two. The three keys to enlightenment (nonattachment, nonjudgement, nonresistance), I bought this ring to remind of the keys. http://www.enlightenmentring.com. Hopefully everyone enjoys the book as much as I do, take care.

  • Linda

    This is a “lie” and I am disturbed at the number of people falling “prey” to this message. There is only “one truth” as in everything. Jesus says, “I and the Way, THE TRUTH, and the Life, and no one comes to the Father except through me! (John 14:6). Jesus did not come to this world to comdemn but to give life. He did not come to promote a type of “religion”. He came to save us from death – promoting, love, forgiveness, freedom, and eternal life, shedding his blood for us. I pray that the the scales be removed from Oprah’s eyes, Mr. Tolle’s eyes, as well as anyone else that is “deceived” by this message. God warns us of those who will distort the truth – it’s dangerous and demonic. Guard your hearts on this one!!!!

  • gary

    I agree with Linda,you cannot call yourself a christian & believe that there are other ways to God. Jesus made this perfectly clear when he said,No man comes to the Father but by him(Jesus,Yeshua,Our Savior).I will pray for your eyes to be opened,that you might repent & be saved.I love you & so does Jesus,but you must guard against these new age teachings.The Holy Word says,without the shedding of blood their is no remission of sins.No other (religion) has a Savior who died for our sins so that through his blood we can be saved,if we TRULY believe this & repent & believe he is risen & seated at the right hand of the Father making intercession for us as our High Priest.

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