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14 Everyday Food Habits for Better Health

One of the more difficult habits for people to change seems to be what they eat.

It’s also seems to be one of the most popular ones to try to change.

Some of the habits that I´ve found to be the easiest to change are the ones where you just do adjustments rather than turning your life upside down.

These everyday habits may not lead to drastic weight loss in record time. But I do believe that over time they can help you improve your health. Or in the case with #10, avoid serious accidents.

  1. Replace sodas with water. I found this to be a pretty easy transition actually. Some obvious advantages are that you consume less sugar, that you do less damage to your teeth plus you save a couple of bucks.
  2. Replace sweet snacks with vegetables, fruit and nuts. Instead of having cookies and candy stored in your cupboard replace them with alternatives that are a whole lot healthier. Some examples are tomatoes, apples, bananas, blueberries and in the nut-department cashews, almonds and peanuts. But eat just a handful or two of nuts, not big bowls. They pack a lot of fat.
  3. Eat more fiber. It can lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease. It can also help you with weight loss as high-fiber food often takes longer time to chew which gives your body time to register when you are full. Overeating thereby becomes less likely and the fiber also makes you feel full longer. You can find a good amount of fiber in, for instance, beans, fruit and raw vegetables. For a 7 step list on how to eat more fiber click here and if you want more general information go here.
  4. Eliminate temptations in your environment. Like with the first and second habit in this article you can use the same procedure of changing your environment to change yourself wherever you find the possibility. If you don´t have the unhealthy food at home, or in your cubicle, the temptations will be quite a bit smaller. And one of the best ways to change a habit is to replace it. Think about what you can throw out and what healthier alternative you can replace it with today.
  5. Cook and bring your own meals to work. This is of course generalized, but there is often a lot of extra sugar and fat added to preprocessed food and at least extra fat in a lot of the meals when you eat out. When you cook for yourself you have more information about and control over what you actually put into your body. Plus, you save a whole bundle of money.
  6. Avoid the buffet. You are likely to eat too much. Or if you eat at a buffet, be aware and a little careful of how much you eat.
  7. Be careful with your plate-size. You’ll probably habitually want to fill the plate. If you use a too big plate you run the risk of eating too big servings.
  8. Eat a healthy breakfast. Yep, it´s the most important meal of the day. Just don´t forget to keep it healthy too. That´s better than a big bowl of sugar-puffs. According to this article there is at least four benefits of eating a healthy breakfast: you are more likely to consume more vitamins and minerals and less fat and cholesterol, to have better concentration and be more productive during the morning, to control your weight better and to have lower cholesterol.
  9. Eat Slower. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register that you´re full. That´s because your stomach needs to begin streching before it starts to produce the hormones that tells your brain that you are full. By slowing down your eating your brain can stop you before you eat unnecessarily much. Eating slower can also help prevent digestion problems and generally makes you feel less stressed.
  10. Don´t eat and drive. Just like talking on the cell phone while driving it can be dangerous for both to you and your fellow motorists to eat and drink while driving. Sit down at a table while eating.
  11. Use a grocery list. Try to stick to buying just what you have written down. A written list can decrease the need for impulse buying (which often, in my experience, results in more unhealthy food in the grocery bags).
  12. Shop when you are full. Like using a written shopping list, this is useful for limiting impulse buying. When you are hungry you are likely to just shop for anything. I´ve also noticed that when you go shopping hungry it seems to increase the craving for junkfood .
  13. Get enough sleep. Or your hormonal signals may change and increase your appetite. In one study sleep was restricted to four hours for one night. The next day the results among the participants were a 24% increase in hunger and 23% in appetite. Read more about this research.
  14. Be conscious of what you eat. This is a big one. Try thinking before you eat instead of just going along with your normal routine. Think about what you should eat and plan at least a little instead of just wolfing down something unhealthy while thinking about everything else except what you are eating. Be aware of what you put into yourself. Do some research on what is more or less healthy. Take control of what you eat.

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  • Another satisfying replacement for sweet snacks is trail mix. Most grocery stores have great trail mixes in the bulk foods section. Yum!

  • Thanks for the tip, Brian.

  • nonameindustries

    thanks for the tips, really usefull and should be guidance for life.
    ehm, one question though… I’ve never seen anyone eat and drive (exept some very limited times), here is not that common and I find it quite strange to advice people ” u know dont eat while u drive”.

  • Heather

    Its really simple way to be healthy and lose weight,People don’t need pills,powders,etc…..Its all about the mind.Like the old saying “u are what u Eat”. It has so much truth to it!!!

  • Yesenia

    i think these tips can really help you

  • Tasha S.

    thnx a lot! this rlly helped(: im 13 and am trying to get a flat stomach to impress my boyfriend haha i exercise everyday and just learned the best way to lose a little weight is to eat healthy. if u eat an apple and dont exercise, it makes a bigger difference than if u just exercise and eat lots of junk food. im gonna try my hardest to eat healthy all the time((:

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